Sunday, June 25, 2017

IBM Connections 6.0 features available on IBM Connections cloud !

During last weekend IBM has released an upgrade of IBM Connections cloud releasing most of the features included in IBM Connections 6.0 except Orient me .

Right now (in Europe) are available the following features:

To be able to use "My drive"  users have to enable the sync clicking on desktop connector icon

than users will be able to select files and folder for the autosync features going to Files -> My Drive and clicking over the Add Files/folders buttons

All others details about features released this month are available following this link ..

Thursday, June 15, 2017

IBM Connections : how to fix search issue during a side by side migration

During a side by side migration from IBM Connections 4.5 to 5.5 I've noted search index wasn't updating anymore.
One of the steps I usually check during migrations is the list of the Indexing node with the following 2 commands from wsadmin prompt
  • execfile("")
  • SearchService.listIndexingNodes()

in this case the issue was clear because I saw the 3 new Indexing nodes but also the older nodes was present.

Indexing Node Id: icNode2:InfraCluster_server2, Last Crawl Version: 1,491,624,060,413, Indexer: true, Out of Date: false
Indexing Node Id: IcNode1:InfraCluster_server1, Last Crawl Version: 1,491,624,060,413, Indexer: true, Out of Date: false
Indexing Node Id: IcNode3:InfraCluster_server3, Last Crawl Version: 1,491,624,060,413, Indexer: true, Out of Date: false
Indexing Node Id: ic55Node02:InfraCluster_server2, Last Crawl Version: 1,490,272,261,004, Indexer: true, Out of Date: false
Indexing Node Id: ic55Node01:InfraCluster_server1, Last Crawl Version: 1,490,202,060,967, Indexer: true, Out of Date: false

Indexing Node Id: ic55Node03:InfraCluster_server3, Last Crawl Version: 1,490,202,060,967, Indexer: true, Out of Date: false

there is a wsadmin command for every needs  :-)   so I tried to fix my issue with the following commands
  • execfile("")
  • SearchService.removeIndexingNode("IcNode2:InfraCluster_server2")
but in this case the command was working only for 1 node of the 3 , and the other 2 was getting some generic errors.

At this steps the index wasn't still updating automatically and from wsadmin console I was able to see some search scheduled task in the past .

After this I opened a PMR and I've fixed the issue with following steps:
  • Build a new search index in background using the command
    SearchService.startBackgroundIndex("/opt/tmp/back-crawl", "/opt/tmp/back-extracted", "/opt/tmp/back-index","all_configured")
  • I've opened the HOMEPAGE database with a dbclient (I've used dbvisualizer ) and then I deleted the old server from  SR_INDEX_MANAGEMENT  table.
  • Clear scheduled task from wsadmin console    ( to be sure  I launched also the clearScheduler.sql like described in same page)
  • Restore of the new search index    made at first point.

Friday, June 9, 2017

IBM Connections Cloud IP Address Range Updates - Action Required for NA and EU datacenter

During last days IBM support has wrote and email regarding IP Address range change for Connections cloud services, because some range needs to be added for Akamai and collaboration services.
If you company have not implemented firewall restrictions for Internet access you have nothing to do.


New IP Ranges


New IP Ranges

Collaborative application

If  you have any questions or you like to be addedd to the support mailing list about ipaddress change i suggest you to contact  IBM Support using your preferred way.

IBM Client application Access 1.0.1 Feature Pack 2 available for download with new features and fixes !

During last days IBM has released the new Feature pack 2 for ICAA 1.0.1 and as usual I've received this new client from the IBM live update servers because I'm a cloud user.

IBM Client Application access  is a new (incredibly fast) version of IBM Notes Basic client dedicated to Notes application. You will not be able to open classical Notes mail database from ICAA because IBM has thanked this client to be used together with IBM Verse and MS Outlook with IMSMO and in my opinion is very well integrated setup.

This are the new features included with FP2:

  • Spell checking is now available with ICAA on Microsoft Windows.
  • ICAA now uses the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) server hint to open links where server connection documents don't exist. Users can open new ICAA links from IBM Verse™, Notes® Web, Sametime®, and Microsoft Word without creating any connection documents.
  • ICAA can be configured to open IBM Verse™ On-premises as the default mail client.
  • Installing the Auto Update Tool (AUT) in ICAA is optional for on-premises users. AUT is only supported for IBM® Connections Cloud.

The new FQDN support should simplify the manage of the Notes link received from IBM Verse.

This Feature pack also included the following fixes that increase the compatibility for MAC and close a security vulnerability.

CLJAAGEDLDOnce REUSE_INI is used during installation of ICAA, it's not needed for subsequent upgrades of ICAA
HPXGAGG9RH(Mac Only) - ICAA will prompt to enter keychain password after focus is moved out of ICAA for 5 minutes or more.
HPXGALA9XL(Mac Only) - ICAA failed to launch when restore from to any old version on Mac without upgrading from old version to before
JRMAAFXT8N(Mac Only) - ICAA failed to launch on new MacBook with Touch Bar
MEERAE33F9(Mac Only) - ICAA Client quits after password input
PPUEAJC9HZIBM Client Application Access is affected by Open Source zlib (technote 1998487) and libpng (technote 2002679) vulnerabilities
RPALAK89GCAdded support for NBP_UseIBMVerse into ICAA for support of IBM Verse On-Premise. 
SHEZAMDKVCICAA display issues on PCs with high resolution (high resolution 4K monitor support)
TITHAGFAXHIn ICAA, when cursor is after specific Japanese character, cannot hit ENTER
TITHAFJ8DRIn ICAA, If Dialog List Has Some Elements Which Is Dbcs+")" Pattern String, Then New-line Disappear

ICAA is available at the following links:

PlatformFix Central Fix ID & Download LinkPart Number
ICAA (released June 2017)Win32ICAA1.0.1.2_W32CNJT3EN

ICAA release are cumulative, so you will be able to obtain the last version of this great client downloading the last package and this is another reason why I prefer ICAA instead classical Notes basic.

I started to work with IBM Verse and ICAA since the beginning and I really appreciate this setup.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

IBM Connections 5.5 : how hide Metrics link while Kudos Analytics is used instead Cognos

One of the IBM Connections features is the availability of Analytics analysis using IBM Cognos over Metrics application data.
An aswesome alternative to IBM Cognos is   Kudos Analytics  from ISW that enable similar features, using Metrics data .
Kudos Analytics implementation is easier faster and lighter instead Cognos.

When you install Metrics , will be enabled by default 3 metrics link (header , footer and inside communities) pointing to Cognos and using another analytics tool could be an issue for users.

In the past until Connections 4.5 admin was able to hide metrics menu editing LotusConnections-config.xml , using IBM Connections 5.5 this setup  should be made customizing the Security role to user/group mapping on Common and Communities apps.


  • metrics-report-run security role to grant users the authority to view and interact with global metrics.


  • community-metrics-run security role to grant users the authority to view community metrics using static reports
  • metrics reader role can grant user to view the general statistics for the Communities application by clicking the Server Metrics link in the standard footer.

Using this link  you will be able to find the complete Connections application role descriptions.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

After migration to IBM Connections 5.x, attachments in Activities that existed in Connections 3.x can no longer be downloaded.

Today while i was checking some logs after an IBM Connections 5.5 migration I've realized some indexing errors related to some unavailable activities attachments.

After some investigation i got the solution reading this IBM Technote  where I got the steps to link the an ancient content store that was copied from previous environment but not linked inside oa-config.xml .

I've checked out the Activity configuration files, added a new store definition :

<store default="false" class="">
          <property name="use.historic">false</property>
          <property name="">/path/connections/shared/activities/content_30</property>

sync and restart of the application servers involved has fixed the issue !

The most important part of this blogpost would be the the way I've found this info : the (totally unofficial) IBM Connections Skype group !
Inside this group there are several high skilled peoples from several countries that loves to collaborate and help each others , awesome !
If you are working daily with IBM Connections as customer or consultant i strongly suggest you to click this link and join the group ( thanks guys for your availability ) !

You can find a list of several others skype group reading this blogpost from David  .

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

JUMP Session: IBM / Cisco Integration for Cloud and On-Premises

IBM Support has just annonced a new interesting JUM Session about IBM Connections and IBM Cisco products integrations (Jabber,Webex, Spark).

This webcast will touch both cloud and on-premises world:

  • Topic: IBM / Cisco Integration for Cloud and On-Premises
  • Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2017
  • Time: 11:00 AM EDT (15:00 UTC/GMT, UTC-4 hours) for 60 minutes

This are webcast link and pw

here at this page all others info and the ics file for your calendar