Thursday, October 13, 2016

IBM Webcast: Common Issues on IBM Traveler Push Notification - 19 October 2016

IBM has announced another interesting webcast managed by IBM Support about common issue for Traveler and Push notification.

The event is planned 19th October 2016 11:00 AM EDT.

Here at this page you will be able to find all details including slides presented (usually attached the day of the webinar).

The easiest way to not miss any of this webinar and all events related ICS community is to follow this link  to the event section of the  IBM Social Business User Community , register yourself and then receive the update on all events organized by e-mail !!

Actions required: IBM Traveler on prem, SSL config required from 1 Jan 2017

IBM has published a technote for new required SSL configurations requirements to be implemented  before 1 Jan 2017 to be able to use  IBM Verse mobile app over onprem servers.

  • Server must be configured for HTTPS
  • The server certificate must not be expired or invalid
  • Server certificate CN or SAN must contain the hostname used by mobile apps or must be a wildcard of same domain
  • Connections must be negotiated in TLS 1.2
  • The server certificate must be trusted by mobile apps and either the CA must be trusted or installed on the device
  • The negotiated TLS connections cipher suite must support forward secrecy and must be one of the following :                                                                                                                 TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384

  • The leaf server certificate must be signed with one of the following types of keys RSA  2048 bits or ECC/ECDSA 256 bits
  • The leaf certificate hashing algorithm must be SHA-256 or greater

I think all of this request during 2016/2017 are absolutely resonable but if you haven't payed attention to your IBM Traveler or SSL certiticate during last year you have to check the situation to be sure to be up&running after 1 Jan 2017.

This requirement for example means if you have domino directly exposed over internet must be at least 9.01 FP5 and the Android devices older than 4.1 will be unsupported because TLS 1.2.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Webinar: IBM Champion information sessions , all you need to know about program and nominee rules

Today Tuesday, October 11, 2016 10:45 am Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)    we will have the opportunity to ear a webinar hosted by Libby Ingrassia (IBMer, Champion program Manager) and the only 2 lifetime IBM Champions, Theo Hesselmans and Gabriella Davis about IBM Champion program to ear all you need to know to be one of the next IBM Champions or to build a great nominee to someone that deserve that opportunity !

To join the webinar, click here to join the IBM Social Business User Community and follow the link to the webinar ;-)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

IBM Champion 2017 , nominees opened

Hello , IBM has opened the IBM Champions nominee 2017 for

  • IBM Analytics
  • IBM Cloud, Including IBM Middleware
  • IBM Collaboration Solutions
  • IBM Power Systems

From this nice Libby's blogpost the IBM Champion difinition: 

Who are IBM Champions?

IBM Champions are not IBMers. Instead, they are customers, business partners, developers, and consultants who are being recognized by IBM both for their knowledge and for extraordinary contributions to our communities. IBM Champions are experts in their fields and share their knowledge as speakers at IBM and user group conferences, as well as via blogs, tweets, forums, articles, videos and more. IBM Champions are active in user groups and meetups, they bring developers, customers, and partners closer together to make the most of IBM technology. IBM recognizes IBM Champions in Analytics, Social Business, Power, and Cloud, including Middleware.

If know some people you thik could be an IBM Champion please reserve 10 minutes of your time to fill the forms , following this link. !

Like every year I've to say my work should be harder without others Champions because blogposts, slides and skype help, thanks guys !  

I've made my first 2 nominees and I will made some others next days ! 
You have time to place yours until 14th November 2016.

Monday, October 3, 2016

TLCC Webinar : IBM Presents the IBM Notes & Domino Roadmap

During September IBM has announced the extension of Domino/Notes 9  support at least to 2021 and some others interesting news you have already read for sure on tons of blogpost .

If you still have doubt or questions, save November 3rd - 10:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Eastern U.S. time on your calendar because TLCC will host a webinar with Uffe Sorensen and Barry Rosen  , where you will get the last updated roadmap news and at the end you will be able to interact  in Q&A time.

Don't miss this webinar and follow the registration link 

Thanks TLCC !

Friday, September 30, 2016

New sametime client released - fix for super small chat text on Surface Pro 4 included

I just received with automatic update a new release of Sametime Client connect client

this is the 2 fix contained on this update

To receive automatically this fix from IBM Cloud server you have to be enabled  the live update from Settings -> Tools -> Enable / Disable live update

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Some personal considerations after ICONUK 2016 and IBM Social Enterprise Executive Exchange

This month starting from 16th until 21th i was able to attend 2 different events, first IconUK in London, a user group event  and then Social Enterprise Executive Exchange in Venice organized by IBM .

This 2 events was different with different kind of attendees but both was  focused about IBM social  collaboration software in different declination and now, after some days I like to share my opinion about our movement: I'm Happy!

First of all our community , we are amazing!
I'm an IBM Champion from 3 years and during this period I was able to attend some of this events in Europe and US and having the opportunity to share experience , meet other Champions and Bloggers from over the world it's every time a better experience.
Thanks all for your friendship !

After this I really like to kudos IBM because during this events I had the opportunity to talk with Barry Rosen, Ed Brill and Rishi Vaish and I have really appreciate the availability and  the patience showed replying every questions about sw news, support, functionality and roadmap.. thanks !

Last but not least, I've to say I also liked what I heard about IBM software and roadmaps: in a big family like our maybe not all of us could be happy at same time but personally I think IBM is going to right directions and during next months when we will be able to have new features and products like Verse extensibility , Cognitive features, Toscana ,  Verse on prem and so on  our works will became better and easier than today .

Thanks all for read, i hope to see you all at IBM Connect 2017