Saturday, December 31, 2016

IBM Verse on premises released , some info and first impressions

Today IBM has released the brand new IBM Verse on premises (VOP) for Domino 9.0.1 so during the italian evening after the docs was released too I've removed beta3 from our servers and than I've installed and tested this new release.

VOP should be considered the evolution of IBM Domino experiences for on premises environments.


VOP is included in the following Domino licences

  • IBM Domino Enterprise client access
  • IBM Domino Messaging client access
  • IBM Domino Messaging and Collaboration Express
in addiction to Domino entitlements  like Connections Files 5.5 and Profiles 5.5  Docs viewer should be included too to guarantee the preview of the mail attachements.

I'vent find yet the entitlement documents but it should be like anticipated during ICONUK session by Barry Rosen.

System Requirements
Here the first news, VOP is available only for Windows64 and RHES so  SLES , AIX or IBM i that are supported for Domino 9.0.1 FP7 are at the moment excluded for VOP.

During sw setup a dedicated Domino HotFix included in the VOP package and denominated 901FP7HFVOP is required. The build of Domino server on REHS will be Release 9.0.1FP7HF370 .

To be able to enjoy most of important features Connections 5.5 at least CR1 is required .

This is the architectural scheme:

VOP setup is not an automated task and require several steps like

  • domino hotfix
  • unzip a package inside domino binaries folder
  • uptate iwaredir.ntf and iwaredir.nsf
  • update mail template with some new VOP views
  • IBM HTTP server customization (on IBM Connections server)

Setup steps are not hard but admins must follow in right order and carefully all steps especially with the optional update the IBM Connections profiles  (needed if Connections 5.5 was migrated from previous releases).

Look and features

Look is same than cloud version

on the upper side we have the "important me  bar" with most important contacts so we will be able to perform a mail search just clicking over the contact pic.
At the beginning of the bar we have "Need Action" and "Waining for "buttons so we can use this categories from the email deciding when we have to finish a task about an email or we have to receive something to someone.

At the bottom of the page we have the calendar bar with all appontements.

Another feature available is the Offline Mail that allow to save at max 14 days. Mail will be protected by a local master password.

For attachements the integrations with IBM Connections files and Box is available so we will be able to attach directly files from this service like in the following example.

Regarding VOP calendar and search there is some negative news:
Calendar is right now basically a link to iNotes calendar so this broke the user experience going back to iNotes 9.0.1 .

Search functionality are guarantee by Domino engine so we are not able to use search like we usually do inside Verse cloud.
I think IBM Domino search index are quite good but the user experience with Solr search on Verse cloud are in my opinion on another level.

other features missing compared to the cloud version:
  • Button for share mail to blog 
  • "View peple" botton inside mail to see recipient hierarchy 
  • Apps menu is not customizable so we cannot add others app links 
  • Connections communities menu from the header
  • Sametime integration

All principal browser currently available are supported
  • Google Chrome, current (non-beta)
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR, current (non-beta)
  • Apple Safari 8, 9
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge

Final remarks 

In my opinion this VOP release should be considered a first step to a marathon because I'm a Verse user (and fan)  from the beta and I think VOP are missing too many features compared to the cloud version.
I hope and I think during next weeks some of the features like Sametime integration will be added .

Download part numer is  CNGD8ML that include both Win64 and RHES packages.

Here at this link  you can find the admin docs with setup steps  at this link the user documents..

Friday, December 30, 2016

IBM Connections 5.5 CR2 , how to fix issue with rich content widget

If you have upgraded IBM Connections 5.5 to CR2 and you are getting issue with rich  content widget (eg you are adding a youtube video, in draft the video is there when you save is gone) you are not alone ..  the good news is IBM already have a fix right available using a PMR.

You can use as reference LO90716.

I've already installed that fix following the instructions related and the issue is gone !
To troubleshoot this issue I got a huge help because I'm usually following the Skype chat related to IBM connections and some of the guys already have experience the issue so I've open the related PMR just after I've verified same behavior.

If you are working on IBM Connections I'm strong suggesting you to partecipate in this group chat  using this link  and you can have great support from a huge group !

There are several Skype chat available regarding IBM ICS Sw like Connections Cloud, IBM Domino, IBM Sametime, and others and you can get references reading this blog post from  David Hablewitz .

Happy Holiday And HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Thursday, December 15, 2016

IBM Connect 2017 , session accepted ! 1420 BlueMix & Domino - Complementing SmartCloud

I've just received the confirmation mail from IBM Connect staff 2017 about the abstract submitted together my colleague Daniele Vistalli so we will be on Connect stage for second time !!

We are really happy and exited to be in San Francisco and talk about how build a gateway with Bluemix&Docker&CrossWorlds between Domino on prem and everything !

IBM Connect 2017  will be in San Francisco February20-23

I hope to see you there !

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Introducing the 2017 IBM Champions for ICS!

Today IBM has announced the new IBM Champion ICS class for 2017 and I'm really happy and honored to be confirmed again ! That's amazing !!

I like to thank   IBM, Amanda & Libby our Managers for all help and support they give us during the year !

This year the group is extended to 123 peoples with a new IBM Champion lifetime that will be reveled during IBM Connect 2017.

I like to spend a special greetings to my colleague Daniele Vistalli as IBM Champion rookie , well deserved !
Congrats to all IBM Champion confirmed and welcome in to new one and returning Champs too and here my special welcome back is for my friend Tony Holder ;-)   .

Unfortunately some great names are missing the list but I've to say.. guys please keep ON your contributions next year, I'll vote you again because you rocks ! Thanks for all help provided during this year .

Here you can find the names , let the party begin !

Adam Brown
*Adam Hunt
*Adrian Randall
*Alan Forbes
Andre Horak
Andrea Fontana
Andreas Ponte
*Andrew Magerman
Anett  Hammerschmidt
Benedek Menesi
Bill Malchisky
*Bjoern Duengefeld
*Brad Grissom
*Carl Fravel
Chris Miller
Christian Güdemann
Christoph Adler
Christoph Stöttner
*Colin Breckles
*Csaba Kiss
Daniel Lieber
Daniel Nashed
Daniel Reichelt
Daniele Grillo
*Daniele Vistalli
David Hablewitz
David Leedy
Detlev Pöttgen
Devin Olsen
*Doug Morrison
Ellen Feaheny
Eric McCormick
Felix Binsack
Femke  Goedhart
Francie Tanner
Frank Gullo
*Frank Van der Linden
Fredrik Norling
Gabriella Davis
Giuseppe Grasso
*Go Kawakami

*Graham Acres
*Guillaume Gesnel
*Hogne Bø Pettersen
Howard Greenberg
*James Anderson
*Jamie Magee
Jan  Valdman
Jan F. Zeuthen
*Jan Krejcárek
*Jared Roberts
Jens Overgaard Dinesen
Jesse Gallagher
*Joao Vendruscolo
*Joerg Rafflenbeul
John Head
John Jardin
*John Stockbridge
Johnny Oldenburger
Julian Robichaux
Karen Hooper
Karl-Henry Martinsson
Kathy Brown
Kazunori Tatsuki
Keith Brooks
*Kenio Carvalho
Kim Greene
Klaus Bild
*Kris De Bisschop
Lars Samuelsson
*Leonardo Costa
*Makoto Ono
Maria Enderstam
Mark Myers
Martin Jinoch
Masahiko Miyo
Matteo Bisi
Michael McGarel
Mike Smith
Minesh Manilal
Mitsuru Katoh
Nathan Freeman

*Nico Meisenzahl
Oliver Busse
*Patrick Li
*Patrick Spedding
Paul Withers
Per Henrik Lausten
*Peter Cardon
Philippe Riand
*Remco Angioni
René Winkelmeyer
Richard Moy
Rob Novak
Robert van den Breemen
Roberto Boccadoro
Roberto Mazzoni
*Rodolphe Magnin-Feysot
*Ronald Dekkers
Rudi Knegt
*Sabrina Pick
Sandra Bühler
Serdar Basegmez
Sharon James
Siggi Meyer
Simon Vaughan
*Söhnke Grams
Stefan Gebhardt
Stefan Sucker
Stefano Benassi
Stephen McDonagh
Takeshi Yoshida
*Terry Boyd
*Terry Cartwright
Theo Heselmans
Thomas Lindberg
*Thomas Rickert
Tim  Clark
Tim Malone
*Tony Holder
*Tony McPahil
Victor Toal
Wannes Rams

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

IBM Mail support for Microsoft Outlook available with new address lookup

During last days IBM has released over Live Update the new version with some fixes and an interesting new functionality : users can now automatically look up names in their organization through the IBM Address Book Provider.

Until this fix was released an LDAP server was required for this feature but now for the existing users the only step needed is delete and recreate the Mail profile and this is an incredible easy task to do because profiles for cloud users, could be created with the dedicated link inside the user preferences. New Outlook users will be enabled by default.

Read this link to have some interesting Q&A regarding this topic and here you can find the details of all fixes included in this release.

During last 2 month I've decided tu use Microsoft Outlook 2016 with IMSMO to see and test the features available fro my customers and I've to say IBM Developers are making a great job introducing features and bug fixes.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

IBM Verse on premises will be available on 30 December 2016 !

Ed Brill has announced on Twitter the shipment of IBM Verse on Premises (VOP) for 30 December 2016 !

VOP entitlement will be available for Domino customers with an active maintenance and will be considered the natural evolution of Notes and iNotes experiences.

This will be a great gift from IBM to the new years eve ;-)

You can find some VOP details here from my ICON UK post .

Monday, December 5, 2016

IBM Client Application access (ICAA) 1.0.1 Feature pack 1 released

IBM has released on fixcentral  ICAA 1.0.1 Feature Pack 1 with some new features and bugfixes:

  • ICAA now works with IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO). IMSMO users can use ICAA to open applications from email messages or to open IMSMO from ICAA.
  • Administrators can customize installation so that ICAA automatically installs and configures on machines without user interaction because the ITW file needed for Install shield tuner was released ( link ).
  • Mac OS X Sierra 10.12 x86-64 support addedd ( link ) .
  • Bug fixes ( link ) .

This update is available over the IBM live update service and is also already available on IBM fixentral with the following references.