Wednesday, December 19, 2018

IBM has released updates for Domino, Notes Vop and more ! Read this post for Partnumber ,my preferred highilts and the link for IBM docker file github for Domino

Yesterday IBM has released a huge amount of updates for Domino, Notes , VOP,. Traveler xWork server and Domino App Dev Pack..WOW !!

See below for a recap of the sw released with related part numbers:

  • CNXL7EN    IBM Domino 10.0.1 64 bit for Windows English
  • CNXL8EN    IBM Domino 10.0.1 64 bit for AIX English
  • CNXL9EN    IBM Domino 10.0.1 64 bit for Linux English
 Notes e ICAA
  • CNXK5EN    IBM Notes 10.0.1 Basic Configuration for Windows English
  • CNXK6EN    IBM Notes 10.0.1 for Windows English
  • CNXK7EN    IBM Notes 10.0.1 Mac 64 bit English
  • CNXL1EN    IBM Notes, Domino Designer and Admin 10.0.1 for Windows English
  • CNY0UEN    IBM Notes Community Client for Non-Production 10.0.1  Windows English
  • CNXL0EN    IBM Client Application Access 2.0.1 Windows English
  • CNY0HEN    IBM Client Application Access 2.0.1 Mac English
  • CNYC6ML   IBM Verse On-Premises V1.0.6
 Domino App Dev Pack
  • CNY0QML IBM Traveler v10.0.1 for Windows
  • CNY0RML IBM Traveler v10.0.1 for Linux
  • CNY0SML IBM Traveler v10.0.1 for AIX
XWork Server

  • CNXM1EN IBM XWork Server V10.0.1 64 bit for Windows
  • CNXM2EN IBM XWork Server V10.0.1 64 bit for AIX
  • CNXM3EN IBM XWork Server V10.0.1 64 bit for Linux

I love to insert also my personal top 5 of this highlights inserted in these releases

1) Panagenda Marvel Client essential (check on your server panagenda/PMCInstaller.nsf , and follow this technote to complete the setup).
2) Notes for macOS released with JVM embedded
3) Appdev pack 1.0 so developers could enjoy the holiday season
4) ics file importer in  VOP 1.0.6 ! Finally a user could be able to work without a client to be able to import the invitation :-)
5) 200+ bugfix

Unfortunately language pack are not yet available ,  (this means no client and localized templates) , but it should be released early in 2019 with the first 10.0.1 fixpack .
Anyway if you are not English user , iNotes and VOP are still supporting multi language so it could be used easily from any kind of user.

Yesterday we have started to upgrade some servers from 9.0.1 and 10.0 to 10.0.1 , clients and VOP and all was working FINE as expected.

I love to add to this post also a link to the  IBM github repository where you could find dockerfile and instruction to run Domino inside Docker. From what I've read IBM has completed our idea including the Domino configuration from pds file inside the docker image. I'll try and test this image for sure in thee near future !

Thanks IBM to have inserted my name in the special thanks :-) it's an honor.

If you like to read more info about this massive sw release, please read this blog post from Andrew Manby and the announcement letter.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

How to obtain the mail10.ntf template on IBM Connections Cloud / Smartcloud Notes

Last Octobert IBM and HCL has released the new , nice and handsome Domino and Notes V10, but right now using Smartcloud Notes the mail10 template is not yet available as default.

During last days I've opened a case and I've obtained the correct way to obtain the V10 template to complete the upgrade.

Below the complete steps needed:
  • Send a mail to asking Mail analyzer application activation for your company , writing the Connections cloud customer ID
  • Prepare the template replicating it from a server or a client, without encryption and changing the template name to not match a standard name. In our case we have inserted our company name, see the example below  
  • Once received the confirm from the service about the mail analyzer application  zip and send the template using as subject the Smartlcloud customer ID 
After some hours service should confirm the analysis result with a success or a failure with a brief description of the issu.

After a successful confirm, the template will be inserted to the delivery queue and will be delivered on the cloud instance related to the customer ID used in the procedure.

In our case we have wait 1 business day for this last step.

In our case the mail 10 template was delivered and set as default template, so check it if this settingis correct for your environment.


With mailV10 from 10.0.1 , you have to deselect the following properties from the template before send , to aviod the failure.

Friday, December 14, 2018

IBM Connections 6.0 , an awesome trick to display the upgrade result from the wizard on linux server

One of the steps to do during a IBM Connections 6.0 upgrade is upgrade the database design to the last version. Working on last 2 upgrades I was getting issue on DB  Wizard result (on RH 7 server) where the last windows with upgrade result wasn't displayed correctly:

the solution of this issue was very simple in my case.. you need only to resize the window and the result will be displayed correctly. After the resize you could also downsize the windows and the data still be readable..

The result of the wizard could always be found inside $DB2HOME/lcWizard/log  but be able to see the result directly inside the wizard could help :-) .

Happy holiday season !