Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Today was a software release date ! New FP2 available for Domino/Notes 11.0.1 and Traveler 11.0.2

 Today HCL has released the new FP2 for Domino/Notes and the new Traveler 11.0.2 .

As usual , a good list of bug fixes are included with some new functionality and support like the official support for macOS BigSur and the support of MySQL for the Traveler High Availability.

To read the whole info about this releases click here for Domino/Notes and here for Traveler

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

How to create and manage an SSL certificate inside a kdb file from command line

Today I was working for one of my HCL DX customers and one of the tasks needed was change the SSL certificate used by the IBM HTTP Server.

During past days I have generated and tested the certificate directly from Ikeman utility using an IHS 8.5.5.FP16  without issue but on a 8.5.5 OLD FixPack server starting the service I was getting

Configuration Failed

After checks on IBM docs I saw several upgrades related to KDB during the years and Fixpacks so I decided to try to create a new KDB directly from this 8.5.5  old FP server. 

I had also a certificate copy in .p12 format and I decided to use it into a new kdb file generated on the server using the gskcapicmd utility , available into the HTTPServer bin folder.

This command will create you a new kdb file with a password stashed into a .sth file

./gskcapicmd -keydb -create -pw yourPassword -stash -db ../cert/Certificate.kdb

now we can import the .p12 certificate

./gskcapicmd -cert -import -pw yourPassword -target ../cert/Certificate.kdb -file /tmp/certificate.p12    -type pkcs12

This command can be used to verifify the KDB file 

 ./gskcapicmd -cert  -list -db ../cert/Certificato.kdb -stashed

We was getting this output with 2 root intermediate certificate and the host ssl certificate

Certificates found
* default, - personal, ! trusted, # secret key
!       "CN=CertificateAuth Global Root CA,, O=CertificateAuth Inc, C=US"
!       "CN=CertificateAuth SHA2 Secure Server CA, O=CertificateAuth Inc, C=US"

this means the kdb was build but we need to set the host ssl certificate as default with the following command

./gskcapicmd -cert -setdefault -db ../cert/Certificate.kdb -stashed -label

now we could repeat the -cert -list command and verify again the kdb

Certificates found
* default, - personal, ! trusted, # secret key
!       "CN=CertificateAuth Global Root CA,, O=CertificateAuth Inc, C=US"
!       "CN=CertificateAuth SHA2 Secure Server CA, O=CertificateAuth Inc, C=US"

the   * before the means this kdb could be used with the right certificate.

To obtain more infos about gskcapicmd command please read the IBM doc

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

HCL Connections 7.0 , some info from Let's Connect virtual event

During the last 2 days of September 2020 Let's Connect run his first virtual event where HCL has showed some nice news and anticipation of the upcoming release 7.0.

This release should be released during December 2020 for the on-prem installations and during the first month of the 2021 to the MSP for cloud setup.

Some of my preferred new features are the new tailored experience with the new templates, with also the ability to have import/export and the integrations with MS Teams and MS SharePoint. 

Another nice to have feature is the availability of the PDF export from Wikis and Forum, available also from mobile.

The upgrade process from previous release will be smooth because it will be possible to install it as inplace upgrade on top of the 6.5 CR1 like a normal CR.  

If you are interested so see more news from the event  you could check all the event slides here , or check the session registration on the Let's Connect YouTube channel .

If  you like to touch Connections 7.0 with your hands you could gain the access to the preview environment here.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

HCL Connections 7.0 - Pre-registration for the Connections 7 Preview is now open

 HCL has just opened the pre-registration for a preview of HCL Connections 7.0 !

This preview will be hosted and managed by HCL and this is a brief description of the purpose of this preview:

You’ll be able to try out the new tailored experience Community features, integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, and more. You will also have a chance to provide feedback to the development team and get your questions answered.

This is the registration form :

I encourage all the Connections users to register for the preview and give the feedback to HCL to help everybody to have the best HCL Connections version ever !

Monday, September 7, 2020

Let's Connect Webinar announced for 29 and 30 September 2020

 Today Let's Connect team has announced a change of the plan in a good way !

This is the current state:

  • 2 FREE webinar announced for 29th and 30th of September 2020
  • Virtual event set for Feb 2021
  • Physical  event set for Sept 2021 in Madrid

The agenda of the event is published here and yiou can find the registration here.

If you usually work with HCL Connections I strongly recommend to book this 2h per day on your agenda to get the last updates about HCL and the upcoming HCL Connections 7.0 . 

See you (virtually) there ! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

HCL Connections : a survey from HCL

Dear HCL Connections users, HCL is promoting a survey to ear from about the usage of Connections from your organization.


If you like to add your contribution to the development of the upcoming Connections 7.0 please don't forget to spend 5-10 min to answer !

The survey is  reachable at the following link: 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Let's Connect 2020 , the virtual event is approaching

As you already know , this year Let's Connect will be a virtual event that will run between the 27th of September an the 2th October. The focus of the event, as usual, will be HCL Connections and HCL Digital Experience ( previously know as WebSphere Portal ) . 

During this days we are defining the agenda, where will have very interesting sessions from some HCL friends that will unveil the last details of the upcoming HCL Connections 7.0 .

I'm writing this post to remind you about the event and because we currently have some empty space and we needs your help to fill the agenda.

This are the usual track as reminder:

  • Administration - sessions relating to administering Social Business and Dx platforms. It could be the design and build of infrastructure, upgrading, managing users, migrating to the cloud, integration with other services or platforms etc. Sessions relating to cloud, hybrid or on-premise infrastructures are welcome! (30-minute and 60-minute slots)
  • Case Study - sessions focused on telling the story of existing projects. We love case studies! And the more honest the better! Ideally these sessions should feature at least one speaker from the company that uses the platform, but they could be accompanied by a vendor or partner. (30-minute slots only)
  • Development - how and why to develop for these services. We'd love you to share your tips, techniques and experience of developing solutions or applications, where you might hit issues, and how you overcome them. (30-minute and 60-minute slots)
  • Future of Work - sessions in this track should explore topics around the area of improving the productivity of individuals and organizations through the use of Digital Solutions technologies. (30-minute slots only)
  • Management and Adoption - sessions that take a higher-level view of the issues, challenges and opportunities that surface when deploying Social and Dx platforms. (30-minute slots)
  • Spotlight - this track is designed to give new (or experienced) speakers the chance to present a short session on a topic of their choice. Think of it as being akin to TED talks, but within the framework of Let's Connect. You can choose to use a presentation deck or not, to prepare earnestly or to speak from the heart, the choice is yours. What we're after is insight, interest and passion - the rest is up to you! (15-minute slots only)
  • New Technologies - We also want to reach out to new things, if you feel you have an interesting session on a new technology, please submit in this track. (30-minute and 60-minute slots)
  • Sponsor - for those organisations that are sponsoring the event at Gold level or above, there is the option to submit a Sponsor session for the conference. (30-minute slots only)
  • Workshops - For hands on training. Please supply all information needed on what you need to be able to run it
  • Academic - For faculty, IT staff or even students of any academic institution who want to share what they have achieved with HCL Connections or HCL DX or how they see the future of collaboration. (15 or 30 minute slots; research papers are also eligible)

Unfortunately COVID-19 forced us to rethink the event as virtual but this provide the advantage to be able to present without moving from your office or home !

To send us the abstract visit the following url :

If you like to have info please contact the team dropping us an email or contactt me in the way you prefer.