Sunday, March 17, 2019

Social Connections : I'm the new Team Member ! Some info about it and the next conferce in Munich

I'm happy to announce I'm the new handyman of Social Connections team

During last week I was contacted by the crew about my availability and I was happy to join the team and help to organize and promote the activity of Social Connections crew.

As you probably already know , Social Connections is an international IBM Connections and social business user group, our conferences are 2-day events filled with keynote sessions, quality speakers, break out sessions, lots of IBM Champions, a Gala night with extra specials were socializing is the focus, speed sponsoring.

Our next appointment will be next September (16-17) in Munich , 2 month after the agreement between HCL and IBM will be effective, so I'm sure there will be some "fireworks" with big announcements and sessions.

The keynote speaker are already announced, Richard Jefts and Andre Hagemeier from HCL , now wee need to have your session abstracts and registrations

Of course you could also join the conference as lovely sponsor.

To have any other info about Social Connections and our events please visit the official site

and feel free to reach us for any questions using any of the way listed at the bottom of the page.

See you in Munich !

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Expect the unexpected: today I saw an IBM Connections Cloud roadmap for 2019 !

Today IBM and HCL has run a webinar called

"Let's Get Real: What's in Domino V11"

Andrew Manby, Richard Jefts and Luis Guirigay has presented what's new will be released for  Domino, Notes and Sametime V11.

If you have missed this opportunity, the replay will be published during next days on this blog with the Q&A.

Most of the info's was already anticipated during HCL Factory tour 2 in Milan , with the exception of the slides dedicated to Connections Cloud !

Below you coudl see the 2 slides presented today where it's announced a new dedicated  team from HCL will be in charge of the cloud maintenance and the introduction of the CR concept for the cloud that will guarantee the introduction of the features released for the on-prem software: AWESOME !!

I'm really happy to get this nice news regarding the cloud !




Friday, March 8, 2019

Domino V10 Demo at Think 2019 - Luis , Domino10 and Alexa on the stage !

During Think 2019 one of the ICS highlights was the demo played by Luis Guirigay where was shewed live Domino 10 integration with Slack, phone calls and Amazon Alexa for application and Domino administration tasks.

The video was published on YouTube , if you haven't seen that yet, please do it now and you will not be disappointed !

This is one of the best live demo I've seen in last years, congratulations to Luis and to all others IBMr involved  behind the scene in this demo !

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Factory tour 2 in Milan, good to see you HCL !!! 3 Nice days between Domino, Notes , Sametime and Portal.

During last week I had the honor and the pleasure to be invited at Factory Tour2  in Vimodrone, near Milan at the local HCL office.

This was the abstract of the my agenda:
  • Software news and roadmap
  • HCL client advocacy program 
  • Networking
 I'll try to write a recap of some of my preferred news and about the event starting from the Software:

Domino & Notes

Domino and  Notes V11 will be released at the end of 2019 and a beta should be released during July.
V11 will be the first version that will not be branded  IBM  (the software deal between HCL and IBM will be finalized for  1th of June).

  • Simultaneous ship language kits with Domino 11 ( no more wait for G1 language !!)
  • Domino directory sync: a new service will runs on Domino Directory Admin server and will keep in sync the address book and Active Directory, with super fast sync included renames!
  • DAOS  will keep steroids, and will support Amazon S3 as storage for NLO single copy from all servers of the cold attachments.
  • HTTP authentication will use IDVault: YES ! Bye bye sync issue

Nomad ( ICAA for mobile )
  • HCL showed us a demo of Nomad for Android on Chrome OS, impressive !.
  • Nomad  will be released soon also for iPhone
  • Lotus Script extensions for Mobile - GPS, Compass, barcode scanner etc .. NICE !!
  • Future release of Domino Designer will have enhanced mobile development support
  • HCL  shewed us a complete demo of the upcoming 1.0.7 : WOW . The new calendar build on react it's really FAST and complete. Will be delivered also the direct .ics import from the inbox.
  • Verse for Mobile browser ! HCL shoed us a live demo of Verse on mobile browser ! A fantastic way to see the mail without installed Apps. A tons of the normal Verse functionality will be available from mobile too... EXCELLENT .
  • Onf of  Verse goal for 2019 will be a feature parity with iNotes for end of the year than iNotes could be dismissed.

  • Notes 11 will finally have Windows 64 /JVM 11 , mac 64 bit installer
  • Modernized look: interface redesigned , cleared of the unused functionality with some of the build-in templates revisited like journal or resource reservation ( details about templates will be discussed in future events like Engage ) .
  • Notes light weight client : this will be a light super fast Notes without some specialized functionality (eg customized template) . This client will be in beta starting from V11 and will be released with V12 next year. More about this in next events.
  • Notes next gen will be available from the appstore (Win and mac)!

  • Sametime 10 entry will be released during 1h 2019, sametime 11 full will be released during 2h 2019. Yes the version will be aligned to the Notes and Domino relase.
  • Another confirm, ST Entry 10 license will permit to use mobile client, all other "premium" functionality like screenshot and file send still need a license.
  • ST Proxy will still run on  WebSphere but the client it's rewritten  using React
  • Chat messages will be delivered to all the user devices connected to the service to avoid  misconfiguration of priority like it was on previous release .
  • Persistence chat : using a configuration based on a MongoDB chat messages could be retrieved and available as history.
  • Starting from Sametime 12+ WebSphere and db2 will be decommissioned

  • Portal 9.5 will be available around July 2019
  • Docker , k8s will be supported to guarantee auto-scaling feature !!
  • The future of portal will be similar Connections Pink . With new releases features and functionality will be moved from traditional WAS (tWAS) architecture to the new containerized architecture , that should simplify the deployments . Traditional architecture will be maintained for some versions .
  • The service moved to the container will runs on new open architecture, on components like NodeJS. The first component moved will be the Media Gallery , available from Portal 9.5 !
  • WCM will be simplified. Like other competitors working on a site will be funny and easy than today.

Advocacy program
I LOVE THIS PROGRAM !!! HCL could provide an Advocate to help customers and partners as technology focal point. He could help with issue, blocked support case and so on..I think this will be a real great improvement .

Nothing better to start a new marriage than see each others in the eyes and talk. I've feel and high level of competency , enthusiasm and availability from HCL peoples,
I honestly a fan of the deal between IBM and HCL for social software and I'm sure we will have some years of fun ahead, working together. 

Last but not least , my fellas IBM Champions ! I love every time I have the opportunity to meet my colleagues and friends at the conferences ! It's usually one of my preferred part because spent time eating a pizza together could be also an opportunity to inspirational moments. 

In the end , I've appreciated a lot the event and I hope the Factory tour could be replicated in Europe also the next year .

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Panagenda MarvelClient Upgrade to Notes 10 – for free!

My friend Christoph Adler was teasing a new great announcement from  Panagenda Marvel Client during Think 2019 and  it's arrived : MarvelClient upgrade free will be available starting next month for customers with active Notes 10 license !  Yes for free :-)

Starting from March there will be no more excuses to not update any Notes from 6-7-8-9 to 10.0.1 .

At this page , you could find more details regards this announchement and a registration form to e one of the first to get this amazing new free feature from Panagenda.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Domino V11 Sneak Preview webinar, Thursday, March 14, 2019

Andrew Manby from IBM and Richard Jefts  from HCL ,  will present an interesting webinar named
"Domino V11 Sneak Preview"  Thursday, March 14, 2019 at  10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

If you are a Domino Customer or a Business partner you could not miss this information about the release V11 scheduled for the end of 2019.  Click here for the registration form.

IBM Connections JAMS are coming to you, are you ready ? Let's Connect !

Yay! One of the news I was waiting from IBM Think 2019 is already arrived , IBM Connections JAMS are coming ! 

Like IBM and HCL has already did for IBM Domino , they will perform interactive, face to face workshop all over the world to collect ideas and suggestions about the product from Customers and Partners.

I'm really happy about this opportunity !!
Below the tweet from Danielle Baptiste about the Jams

Here  the registration forms to attend the events , some date already planned in Europe , some will be defined soon.