Wednesday, October 17, 2018

JUMP Session for IBM Connections Admin : Understanding and Configuring ElasticSearch for IBM Connections

IBM support has announced another interesting Jump Session, this time regarding the configuration of ElasticSearch on prem for the new Metrics apps and the new type-ahead feature of Files & Communities provided by CR3.

If you are a Connections admin, don't miss this free webinar .

below the details:

  • Topic: Understanding and Configuring ElasticSearch for IBM Connections (on prem)
  • Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2018
  • Time: 11:00 AM EST (16:00 UTC/GMT, UTC-5 hours) for 60 minutes
  • Announcement page: click here

Monday, October 15, 2018

IBM Connections : Component Pack for Connections 6.0 it's available for download !

Just in time for the Social Connections 14 OGS , IBM has released on fixcentral the new Component Pack

This is an important release because it's sign an architectural change from IBM Cloud Private to Kubernetes with Helm deployments.

Components pack provides the following pieces
  • Customizer
  • Elasticsearch
  • Orient Me
that are used for the new customer app, the new Metrics app and the new Orient me homepage.

Here at this page you could read the technical documentation , here the Update Strategy and here the fixlist.

The upgrade from component pack and it's supportend and require some scheduled downtime.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

IBM Domino , Notes e Traveler V10.0 are now available for download !

As IBM promise yesterday , today IBM Domino V10.0 Notes V10.0 and Traveler V10.0 are available for download  😍

Here in this blog post I have wrote the Notes and Domino part numbers , now it's  Traveler.turn:
  • IBM Traveler v10.0 for Windows English (CNW23EN )
  • IBM Traveler v10.0 for Linux English (CNW24EN )
  • IBM Traveler v10.0 for AIX English (CNW25EN )
IBM Client Application Access 2.0 it's also available (ICAA)
  • IBM Client Application Access v2.0 Windows English (CNW1VEN )
For the beta program partecipants it's also already available the  Domino Appdev pack 1.0 beta.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

IBM Domino V10 and Notes V10 announced ! Welcome back Domino ! #dominoforever

Today IBM during a nice launch event has announced IBM Domino V10 and Notes V10 that will be available for download during next hours! The replay of the event is available here.

This are the first part number available to prepare for your downloads ;-)

Domino V10.0

  • CNW1XEN    IBM Domino 10.0 64 bit for Windows English
  • CNW1YEN    IBM Domino 10.0 64 bit for AIX English
  • CNW1ZEN    IBM Domino 10.0 64 bit for Linux English

Notes V10.0

  • CNW1REN    IBM Notes 10.0 Basic Configuration for Windows English
  • CNW1SEN    IBM Notes 10.0 for Windows English
  • CNW1WEN    IBM Notes, Domino Designer and Admin Client 10.0 for Windows English

IBM has also launched a huge marking campain for licenses so if you need to renew your license or you need to buy some more , please visit the following link and you will not be disapponted !


Today was announce also IBM Domino Mobile Apps (Notes on iPad ) that should be available at the end of October and Domino App Dev pack ( NodeJS inhtegration ) that should be available in early access beta very soon.

Last useful link the knowledge center link with the technical documentation


Saturday, October 6, 2018

IBM WebSphere Portal Express 8.5.e 9.0 could not restart due CLFBD0026E, CLFBD0030E errors with invalid license file (wpe85.lic) how to fix it

Yesterday I was talking about work with a friend and he has pointing me on a bug about WebSphere Portal express environments.

Starting October 1st, 2018, attempts to start/restart the server on WebSphere Portal Express 8.5 or 9.0 will fail with the following error in SystemOut.log:

CLFBD0026E: The product IBM WebSphere Portal Express does not have a valid license key installed and the evaluation period has expired. Functions specific to this product are not enabled.
CLFBD0030E: Caught error, message: Past the expiration date on license.

 In case of a setup of new environment   you will get a similar failure.

IBM support has published this technote with a new license file wpe85.lic and the related procedure for the installation.
If you need to setup a new environment the workaround is :

  • temporarily reset the system clock for the operating system to a date prior to Oct 1, 2018 , 
  • perform the setup , 
  • reset the clock to the current time
  • install the new license

This issue does not affect other WebSphere Portal 8.5 , 9.0 license topology,

Monday, October 1, 2018

IBM Connections 6.0 CR3 released

IBM has released the new CR3 that contains the usual huge number of fixes and some new interesting update like the following :

  • Quickly return to the Communities and Files you viewed recently.
  • Instantly filter recent content in Communities and Files.
  • Pick up where you left off – Files will return you to the last view where you were working.
  • Simplified navigation and a full-screen option for Files make it easier for both new and experienced users to find the content they are looking for faster.

This are some useful links:

If are interested in more details please read  this post from René Schimmer and  this post from Martti Garden . 

This CR3 will be a nice way to spent some times upgrading our environment while we are waiting the next component pack that should be announced soon !

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

IBM Security Directory Suite 8.1 , how to be able to "press any key to continue" using the vmware appliance

In this days I'm working in a project that include  IBM Security Directory Suite
IBM SDS 8.0.1 is distribuited as appliance, and after a reboot at the end of configuration I've got the VM hanging at the following state

where I wasn't able to continue ( and I know where is the "any key "  )  ..
I've started some investigaton that has pointed me on this old grub issue with the following description : "centos 6 grub 'press any key to continue' takes a long time if no serial device attached" .

I've shut down the appliance , added the serial port and at the new start the issue was fixed and i was able to press the key to continue!