Monday, December 2, 2019

HCL Connections 6.5 available for download

During the next December 4, at 9 a.m. ET HCL will present and announce  the following new software:

  • Connections 6.5
  • Domino & Notes 11
  • Sametime 11

today  with a huge surprise Connections 6.5 it's already available for download!

Below some of my preferred features from what's new:

  • Activity plus : activities rebuild in collaboration with ISW has raised up his functionality and now will be a must have ! It will be also possible to upgrade Activities plus to ISW Kudos boards with a serial number . This component it's now part of the component pack without the addiction of new requirements.
  • reduced TCO: Connections 6.5 it's now an upgrade like the CR, so customers could avoid side by side migration reducing the upgrade cost.
  • Connections sidebar: it's a component that permit to integrate Connections easily into other sites
  • New  self service invitation system for external users
  • File ownership trafer: now it's possible to trasfer the ownership also from File app (one by one),  or wsadmin for bulk transfer
  • .... and many more  !

here system requirements, with this MINIMUM version requred:

  • WebSphere 8.5.5. FP16
  • DB2 11.1, MS SQL 2016
  • Oracle 12c 
  • RH 7.x, SLES 12.1
  • Win2016

Here at this page upgrade procedure from  6.0 to 6.5, here at this page the upgrade procedure of the component pack  , here at this page  the new 6.5 homepage doc.

As last resource available ...  the download link from Flexnet ( an entitled login is required).

During the next days I'll start the upgrade process and I'll blog more relevant info.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

imcl and manageProfile: some examples to work with IBM products from linux command line

Working on linux servers could "force" System Engineers to work with command line for several reasons:
  • automation (eg Ansible playbooks)
  • because it's quicker
  • security policy
  • GUI not available
and many more..

I thinked to blog some examples of this command because could be useful to be launched from shell or cold be integrated inside script/playbooks.

Installation Manager , has a dedicated shell utility available inside


IBM Installation manager setup and update from public repo

setup with logfile

./installc -log log_file -acceptLicense

update to the last release from IBM public repo

./imcl install
Updated to in the /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse directory.

List Available package

imcl sintax is based on product name and protuct level included in the package.
Use the following command to extract this infos from repository in zip format or from repository.xml included ::
/imcl listAvailablePackages -repositories

in this case IBM   IHS 9.0 FP0

Combined setup

In case of WAS 9,x components (WASND,IHS;IHS_PLG) its required a combined setup because the component needed must be installed together the Java JDK.

the following example you could setup IHS 9.0 with JDK 8.0

./imcl install
 -repositories, -acceptLicense
Installed to the /opt/IBM/HTTPServer directory.
Installed to the /opt/IBM/HTTPServer directory.

Installation manager keep track of the sw version installed and permit to roolback to previous version with a single command

./imcl listInstalledPackages -rollbackVersions :,,,
the output of this command say we have 

IHS 9 FP11, that coudl be rolled back to FP9,FP6, FP5, FP0

the following comamnd rollback IHS from FP11 to Fp9

./imcl rollback

Fixpack setup

The following example will upgrade WebSphere Plugin to FP10 from local repo

./imcl install 
-repositories /data/fp10/IHS/repository.xml -acceptLicense
Updated to in the /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Plugins directory.

WebSphere Cell
from WAS bin directory  use the following example to create  a cell with a DMGR profile

./ -create 
-profileName WasND 
-profilePath /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/WasND 
-templatePath /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profileTemplates/management 
-cellName cellName -nodeName NodeName -hostName FQDN 
-enableAdminSecurity true -adminUserName was9admin -adminPassword Password

Custom AppServer profile creation and federation

from WAS bin directory create an appserver profile

./ -create -defaultPorts -profileName AppSrv01 
-profilePath /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01 
-templatePath /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profileTemplates/managed 
-hostName FQDN -nodeName nodeName -federateLater true

at this point DMGR should be tourned on and reachable and with following command  (launched from AppServer bin)  proceed with the federation

./ dmgrFQDN 8879 -user was9admin -password Passw0rd
 Ricordatevi ovviamente di valorizzare in modo corretto i vari, cellName,hosName,nodeName e adminPassword !

All commands in this blogpost could be used on linux and windows with some minor change. 
This examples are showed with minimal options, but you could add a tons of options to imcl and manageProfile to specify all the details  needed.

 I invite you to read more details on official docs:

Friday, October 25, 2019

From 0 to DX 9.5 developer hero in 20 minutes with HCL official docker images

HCL with the release of DX 9.5 has build also an official docker image for OpenShift 4.x  .
As I read HCL has in plan to support Kubernetes vanilla and other cloud implementations very soon.

One of the possible way to use this image is use it with docker on your laptop so you could start to develop your DX 9.5 experience from 0 to portal up&running in 20 minutes :-) .

I made my test on my corporate laptop with Windows10 , Hyper-V and docker desktop
If you haven't docker installed yet I suggest you to start from this page..

System Preparation

If you have just installed docker or if you haven't tuned the docker machine I suggest to augment the docker machine resources:

click with right button on docker icon in the sys-tray and than settings

go to advanced section and check the CPU/Memory/Swap /Disk Image Max size

Now if you haven't one already create a working directory to be used as wp_profile mount point and exclude it from your AV setting for performance reasons (at the first run wp_profile will be delated with almost 40k files) and for data integrity.


Unzip the package downloaded from Flexnet (right now it's

First step needed is importing the DX image to your docker image repo

docker load -i .\hcl-dx-core-image-v95_20190928-2258.tar.gz 

after some minutes while docker was importing all layer involved you will get the confirmation message:

Loaded image: hcl/dx/core:v95_20190928-2258 

Now it's time to create the container from the image exposing the port needed and mounting the wp_profile to the local filesystem to guarantee the persistance of the data:

docker run -p 10038:10038 -p 10039:10039 -p 10041:10041 -p 10042:10042 -p 10200:10200 -p 10202:10202 -v C:\docker\dx-store\wp_profile:/opt/HCL/wp_profile hcl/dx/core:v95_20190928-2258

where C:\docker\dx-store\wp_profile  it's my docker data directory.

At the first start some extra time will be required because DX profile will be generated on the path used in the command.

The image does not include HTTP and Plugin so this will be the URL

Url Portal   :       http://localhost:10039/wps/portal   
Url Console :    
Utenza default:  wpsadmin / wpsadmin

if you need to enter into the container
                                               docker exec -it  container_name bash

The image is build using RHEL 8.0  , Portal security it's set to local was and  database it's local Derby.

When an upgraded image will be shipped you will need to repeat the first command to import and create the new container using the existing mounted wp_profile that will be upgraded (if needed) to match the new version.
After the upgrade the old container could be removed.

To close this post some others usefull docker commands

to check active container
docker ps

to check all container
docker ps -a

to rename a container
docker rename container_name new_name

to stop the container 
docker stop container_name

to start the container
docker start container_name

to remove the container
docker rm container_name

to remove a container image
docker rmi nome_immagine 

The official documentation about the DX docker images it's available at this page.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

HCL Digital Experience 9.5 released

Yesterday HCL has released the new Digital Experience 9.5 (formerly know as WebSphere Portal

Il what's new include :

  • HCL Digital Experience 9.5 Docker Image (official images available for k8s o OpenShift)
  • HCL Digital Experience 9.5 Practitioner Studio (new user interface for content managements)
  • Woodburn Studio (a complete new site shipped as example )
  • New HCL Experience API 
This is a good step ahead because it's a start of a journey to a new modern word based on k8s.
9.5 it's the start, soon will be released 9.6 and 10 will be out in the 2020.

I suggest you to read  the what's new at this page and also for technical docs.



Update: I've just created a channel on the OpenNTF slack workspace dedicated to Digital Experience. If you are interested you could create your account  clicking here and here you could find the direct link to the channel.

HCL Master 2020 class, nominations are opened

HCL has opened the nomination time for HCL Master class 2020 , the first class named directly from the HCL process.

Nomination will stay opened until the end of October , will be elaborated during November and the class will be announced in December.

This is the HCL Master definition from the Master site:

HCL Master is a distinction that HCL awards select members of the community that are both experts in their field and are passionate about sharing their HCL knowledge with others.

Masters are HCL ambassadors (not employees) and their commitment to sharing their expertise has a huge impact on the HCL community – whether they are blogging, writing books, speaking, running workshops, creating tutorials and classes, offering support in forums, or organizing and contributing to local events – they help make HCL’s mission of making technology play nice, possible

I had the pleasure to be IBM Champions and HCL Master 2019 , having access to beta , downloads, forums , group chat and webinars !

I can reccomend the partecipation to the program, so if you know peoples involved in the community that contribute to maintain our working environment better :-) don't hesitate, go to the following link and propose him/her/yourself as HCL Master

Friday, September 27, 2019

HCL Connections 6.0 available for download toghether with Component pack

Like they have promised during Social Connections 15 about CR6 HCL has just released the new CR6 together with the new Component Pack

As usual CR6 include fixex, but also new functionalities , described in the following video:

Now some more resources,   "Administering Connections 6 CR6" where find techincal infos and download links to the new repository ( you needs to have a valid and entitled account on HCL Flexnet system).

Here a what's new page.

HCL has also reported 2 "classic" resource like the  technote that include the step by step PDF guide and also the update strategy page.
The new component pack has a reduced TCO because drops Solr  in favor of Elast search and now it's also possible to have installed the customizer lite in HA. 

Here at this page the Component pack installation guide.

I like to close this post with the new Connections marketing video : People power your business, Connections powers your people". How cool is that ? :-)

Thursday, September 26, 2019

HCL Connections : 2 interesting webcast from HCL

I'd like to point your attention to 2 important webcast from HCL , the first one scheduled for today about the upcoming Connections 6.0 CR6 and some anticipations like Activity Plus from the future Connections 6.5

This webcast will be today at 

Sep 26, 2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM BST

The second webcast will be about the future of Connections Cloud and Smartcloud where HCL will unveil new details like the first MSP enabled to offer the new service

Wed, Oct 2, 2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM BST
Wed, Oct 16, 2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM BST 

I strongly suggest to partecipate to both webcast and share it to your colleagues or customers.

UPDATE: cloud webinar was postoned to Oct 16