Saturday, June 15, 2019

How fix the error "Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software license terms" while creating a new Windows VM using Hyper-V

Last day I was getting a blocking error while I was creating a new Windows10 VM using Hyper-V.

The error was the following:

After some research I've found the solution and because apparently could happens also creating VM with Windows Server 2016 I decided to blog about it..

the issue is generated by Dynamic memory option in VM options that is selected by default.

To be able to create the VM I've shud down the VM and deselected  the setting. After this I was able to complete the setup.

Once you have completed the setup, you could re-enable the virtual memory option.

Friday, June 7, 2019

IBM Connections :what do you have to check if some users removed from a restricted community are still receiving mail notifications with that community events

Some weeks ago one of my customers with Connections 5.5 pointed my attention to a strange issue where some users removed from a restricted community was still receiving inside the mail digest event related to that community.

After some checks on DB tables of community and profiles where I've found a consistent state, I had check the community event queue like described in this page

The fist step is start a wsadmin prompt ,

than enable community admins evironement


now I've run the command to see the Community event queue (to have shorter command I'll write communityID to represent the community ID and eventID to represent the evenet Id)

CommunitiesQEventService.viewQueuedEventsByResourceId("community", "communityID", None, 100)

this command replied to me with more of 100 events like the following :

        Remote App                Resource Id                       Event Type                                      Event Id
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    widget.removed                         
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    community.members.added        eventID2      
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    community.members.added        eventID3      
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    community.members.removed    eventID4       
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    community.members.removed    eventID5      
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    community.members.added         eventID6

when I saw  "community.members.removed " event I've understood to be on the right way.

First I tried to reprocess the list with this command

CommunitiesQEventService.retryQueuedEventsByResourceId("community", "communityID")

but after a check I saw only few event was processed correctly so I moved my research on Community's  SystemOut.log where I saw an error while server was trying to remove a widget from that community.

After a double check on the community that widget wasn't there anymore, so I decided to try to delete that event with a dedicated command


the command runs successfully so I tried again to clear the queue with the initial command

CommunitiesQEventService.retryQueuedEventsByResourceId("community", "communityID")

and after some minutes the queue was completely cleared.

After this steps if any of the users involved will receive again the mail notification  , the last step to definitely fix this issue will be re add and remove the user again from the community.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

IBM Connections 6.0 CR5 : Transferring ownership of user files

One of the new features of the IBM Connections 6.0 CR5 is the  availability of a new admin command to move the file ownership between users.

As usual this feature has no GUI and you have to use it from  wsadmin prompt   .

the first step is start files admin


than get the future ownerd ID with the following command

FilesMemberService.getByEmail("[email protected]")

the id needed will be written after the "id="

directoryLastUpdate=Wed Dec 19 18:20:38 CET 2018, 
directoryGroupLastUpdate=Tue Jun 04 10:09:41 CEST 2019, 
name=Matteo Bisi, isOprhan=false, 
lastVisit=Tue Jun 04 10:09:41 CEST 2019, 
createDate=Fri Jul 20 11:19:02 CEST 2012, 
communityLastUpdate=Tue Jun 04 10:09:41 CEST 2019

now create a file inside Connections DMGR with the ID of the files you wish to transfer between the users like the following

[[email protected]~]# cat file-da-trasferire

now enter the following command using as argument the path of the file with the file ids, the id of the user that will receive the files and a tag to identify the files transferred

FilesLibraryService.transferPersonalFiles("/root/file-da-trasferire", "62a06326-04ef-4541-ae9f-ad816e6c4045", "file-ex-dipendente")

The personal file with the id 8f17e1b3-797d-4253-b90e-6101edf11423 was transferred successfully.
The personal file with the id 158c9cc8-1bb1-4582-bc2f-9e288655c2f0 was transferred successfully.
The personal file with the id 3fe52bde-ffa7-418c-9f71-d1cee4f3c4aa was transferred successfully.

inside Connections the new owner of the files will receive a notification about the modification of the file trasferred from System_admin user

now the files are transferred and checking the about tab of a file the new user is listed as creator and the file is updated by System User.

The file is also tagged with the tag "file-da-ex-dipendente" that I've used to trasfer the files

Friday, May 31, 2019

IBM Connections 6.0 CR5 available !!!

IBM has released on fixcentra  the new CR5 for Connections 6.0 and this will be probably the last major update for Connections branded IBM.

This CR5 comes our with a a huge fixlist and some nice new features anticipated during Engage 2019 like the following:

  • administrators can transfer the ownership of the files
  • new widgets creation and preview for ICEC
  • support for the new Tiny MCE V5 

Some useful links

After the upgrade of WAS to FP15 and of the SDK it's required also the  iFix  IFPH09407 but right now while I'm writing this post the ifixes looks not available on fixcentral  for offline setup.

This is the link of the related technote where you could find the direct fixlink..
During next days I'll start to upgrade several environment !

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Engage 2019 was another great event ! Some of the announchements made during the conference

Engage 2019 was ended today , this year I wasn't there but as I was able see from my remote location it was another great success :-) !!
 Huge congratulations to Theo , Hilde and all staff members who made the event possible.

I've read some cool themes and heard about the interesting round tables.. I cannot wait to read the slides (that will be added to the event agenda when available) and blog post that will be published during next days.

I wrote this post to collect some of the products announcements made during the event

Notes , Domino , Sametime Verse

In this area was showed a lot of confirm about HCL announcements made during Factory Tour 2 in Milan. More live demo showed and also announced  11 beta program will start during next weeks:

  • Notes 11: blue skin , simplified interface getting rid of unused options, with a  super fast boot
The DAOS object storage support was expanted to S3 compatible storage ! This means customers could use his preferred cloud providers to enjoy the reduce of the storage cost

New template 11 optimized for mobile view

Sametime 10 entry will be shipped soon sametime 11 will be released  with Notes and Domino 11

Verse  1.0.8 has added I Series support


Connections Mail could comes to live ... administrator will be able to change the files ownership, new GUI optimization and Tiny editors.. this are some of the new features that will be released in Connections 6 CR5 during June 2019

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Engage 2019 is ready to start !

Engage 2019 will run in Brussels during next 14th and  15th May 2019 but starting from tomorrow there will be meetings and workshops.

Engage it's one of the most important and well organized ICS user group event in the World and I'm sure this year will be the same.

Here you could read the sessions agenda , the most popular theme will be related to Domino , but also others products like Connections and Sametime will be covered as well.
HCL and IBM will cover a huge amount of sessions !

Unfortunately this year due working reasons I could not be there  but I will follow the event remotely on Twitter following
During next days the sessions slides will be probably published in the event agenda.

I hope to be able to be there again in 2020 :-) . Enjoy the event my friends !

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

IBM Security directory server 6.4 and db2 11.1, if you have issue creating istance .. read this post

IBM Security Directory server 6.4 with FP16 , released at the end of 2018,  has added support of db2 11.1 that's is an awesome news for IBM Connections customers because this match the same db2 version of Connections server .

Some  days ago this product has reached the FP18.

Here at this page , IBM has published the step by step guide to install and configure SDS 6.4 with this db2 release, but at point 9 there is an error that will probably points you to receive an error during the instance creation.

 In this step , admin have to check the file

usually available inside the following path

  • AIX: /opt/IBM/ldap/V6.4/etc/
  • Linux: /opt/ibm/ldap/V6.4/etc/
  • Windows: <SDS_V6.4_Install_Location>\etc\

updating /creating the following lines inside the file


I've followed this instruction and I've received an error due invalid db2 version while I was creating the ldap instance.

After a quick check of the same file I've edited the file as below


and than I was able to create the instance successfully !
Pay attention of the whole lines and their order..