Thursday, May 26, 2022

I've stared a new journey as Senior DevSecOps Engineer

Hello there , how are you ? 

I'm really good !!! As you may have read on my social , starting from 16th May I've started a new position as Senior DevSecOps for Sighup

I'm really exited about this new working opportunity and I'm writing this post because this will also have effect on this blog topic that will change from the previous topics to cloud native infrastructure security , starting with tools like CyberArk Conjur .

The previous content of this blog will stay here forever, because I think that could be helpful for a while  and I've the intention to honor my HCL Ambassador role. 

I love to add that my current role of my LetsConnect user group organizer will be unchanged so I hope to meet you all again during our  next event.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

HCL Connections 7.0 : how fix possible issue on side by side database migration with dbt.jar for Wikis,Files and Metrics db

In this period I'm working on HCL Connections migrations from 6.0 to 7.0 and I'm using the side by side approach. While I'm during this job, I prefer to use the dbt.jar for database migrations because this could help me to identify and fix issue at db schema level.

In this migrations I had some issue with Wikis, Files (the same for both db) and  Metrics,

Wikis and Files
For this 2 databases I've got this error while the copy of the tables was running:

ERROR: Error occurred gathering data from the source database DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-551, SQLSTATE=42501, SQLERRMC=LCUSER;SELECT;FILES.EVENT_STORE, DRIVER=4.29.24

after some investigation I saw this 3 tables was involved


LCUSER wasn't able to read this tables because grant issue.
This tables are new from CR5 and wasn't granted to LCUSER inside the scripts (but the grants was present inside appGrants.sql from version 7.0)

I've fixed the issue running the following configurations on source and destinations WIKIS and FILES database:



I was getting the following error while tables data copy was running Error for batch element #1: DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-1476, SQLSTATE=40506, SQLERRMC=-964, DRIVER=4.29.24 ERRORCODE=-4225, SQLSTATE=null mber of the batch..755 CEST] error.executing.transfer Use getNextException() to retrieve the exceptions for specific batched elements. ERRORCODE=-4229, SQLSTATE=null [jcc][t4][102][10040][4.29.24] Batch failure. The batch was submitted, but at least one exception occurred on an individual member of the batch. Use getNextException() to retrieve the exceptions for specific batched elements. ERRORCODE=-4229, SQLSTATE=null

After some investigation inside the db2diag.log of the destination instance database I found this errors:

FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, data protection services, sqlpgResSpace, probe:1660 MESSAGE : ADM1822W The active transaction log is being held by dirty pages. Database performance may be impacted. MESSAGE : ZRC=0x870F0035=-2029060043=SQLO_NOTAVAIL "Cannot honor the conditional request" DIA8531C A memory access error has occurred. MESSAGE : ZRC=0x85100009=-2062548983=SQLP_NOSPACE "Log File has reached its saturation point" DIA8309C Log file was full.

this errors pointing me to the database log config, so after having recreated the destination Metrics DB, I run this configuration command :

db2 update db cfg for METRICS using logfilsiz 16000 logprimary 26 logsecond 6

after this , also METRICS migration was able to complete

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

HCL Sametime Premium V12 launch scheduled !

HCL has organized the launch of the upcoming Sametime Premium V12!

The webinar it's scheduled for  Wed, Apr 27, 2022 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST and you can register your seat at this page.

Sametime V12 will have many improvements on the meeting side and the "chat" part will be deployable into docker container like the meeting ! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

HCL Connections V8.0 preview available for test

Hello everyone, HCL has finally released the new V8.0 preview for test and feedback, here the registration form to gain the access of this environment. 

If you have already joined the V7.0 preview in the past your profile will be already there .

This upcoming release of connections, that is currently targeted for the Q4 of 2022, will be focused on the user interface, with new search, share and important to me part.

The design of this preview instance it's not completely updated and will be released following this roadmap:

The initial release in March '22 will include:
  • New Share Experience
  • New Homepage
  • New Top Level Navigation — as displayed on the Homepage, Profiles, Search Results pages
  • Profile Page & Settings
  • New Search
  • Important-To-Me bar (Important-To-Me Profile Card will be in Phase 2)
In the second phase targeted for May '22 we will add the next set of updated capabilities:
  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Communities
  • Files
  • Profile Card
Concluding the Preview process we will release a third drop in July '22 adding these updates:
  • Activities and Activities Plus
  • Moderation
  • Tours
  • Bookmarks

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

HCL Connections - March 2022 Desktop Plug-ins for Windows and macOS available

 HCL has just released a new interesting update for HCL Desktop Plug-ins for Windows and macOS.

This is the what's new for Windows:

Version 22.03 (March, 2022) update:  The latest release introduces the following:

  • Prompt to lock when opening files and prompt to unlock when publishing local changes. Behavior can be controlled by preference or administrator policy. Note: this does not apply to sync files.
  • Initial sync performance improvements when processing thousands of files
  • Resolved customer reported problems and bug fixes
    • Improved error messaging when Windows IP stack reports server unavailable error.
    • Windows 11 local draft popup notification has truncated text
    • Preferences panel shows save error after visiting but not changing server preferences for server with OAuth authentication
    • Crash when publishing local draft in community folder
    • Crash in trace utility when trying to save very large trace files
and this is the what's new for macOS:

Version 22.03 (released March, 2022) update:  The latest release:

  • Adds like, pin and follow actions for files and folders
    • Beta, English only - to use, click 'Enable beta features' in preferences
  • Adds clickable link in properties panel to open log file location in Finder
  • Initial sync performance improvements when processing thousands of files
  • Customer reported problems and bug fixes:
    • Improve error message when failing to retrieve file properties
    • Make version text selectable and copyable in About box
    • Intermittent crash in authentication code
Remember guys , it's important to keep updated the desktop plug-ins !!! Unfortunately the plug-ins doesn't have (yet) and auto update system so Admin must take care of the version installed on the client.

Here at this pages you could find the complete what's new , also for previous releases , for Windows , macOS with the flexnet link for the download.

23thMarch update: there is an issue for the windows version on the non EN operating system be sure to have downloaded the updated version, already available on flexnet

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

HCL Connections 7.0 - CFix.70.2202 released

HCL some days ago has released the last and greatest update of 2022 for Connections 7.0, named CFix.70.2202 that will brings the release of your Connections to v7.0.0.0 build IC7.0_Integration_20220216-1736.

This Cfixs are cumulative, and will be released every month alternatig, 6.5 and 7.0 release.

You could find the list of the fixes introduced reading this page, and I like to highlight the upgrade of the APNS Apple certificate that guarantee the availability of the push notification to your environment.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

DB2 backup error SQL2062N An error occurred while accessing media Reason code: "0x860f0003"

During this days I was working on a db2 configuration backup of an old db2 10.5.x server installed on SLES 11.3. 

The task was configuring online backup and set it on an NFS mount.

As precheck of this activity I tested db2owner instance user rights on the NFS and he was successfully able to create and delate file or folders.

When I tried to perform a "db2 backup database xxx " the NFS as destination ,  only an empty files was created and after some seconds I've got the following error: 

SQL2062N An error occurred while accessing media Reason code: "0x860f0003".

After some investigation I've found this IBM Technote , so I checked the /etc/fstab file and 

after  changing the munt options from DEFAULTS to   rw,sync,nolock  the db2 backup command work as expected.