Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to centrally deploy for users Sametime settings like Meeting Server Hostname or enable Sametime Advanced

Deploying a Sametime Community Server to customer is very easy because you can set the hostname and some other setting, using a Domino Policy with Desktop Setting,
Preferences -> Instant Messaging
If you have installed Sametime Meeting or Sametime Adanced you can also set all settings through Desktop setting but is a little bit less easy than Community.
We have to go inside the Desktop Setting and go to
Custom Settings -> Managed Settings
and set the parameters we need

These are the field to fill:

  • Item                
  • Value             
  • Plug-in name
and  you can also choose if that parameter must be to deployed with  Enforce o as Set Initial Value.


To Enable Sametime Advanced on Sametime Client (starting from 8.5.2) you have to set

  • Item   ---> enableAdvanced
  • Value ---> true
  • Plug-in name com.ibm.collaboration.realtime
And at next Policy refresh you will see the Sametime Advanced panel in sidebar.

Some functionality require more "managed setting" to be applied, like Sametime Meeting server because we have to provide 3 settings to the client (host , port and protocol)

To set the Sametime Meeting Server :

  • Item   --->      meetingServerHostName        ServerPort                               useHTTPS
  • Value --->     meeting.contoso.com                     443                                     true
  • Plugin --->     for all 3 com.ibm.rtc.meetings.shelf
At next Notes policy refresh you will have a meeting server named meeting.contoso.com with https on tcp port 443 deployed.

If you like to have client already logged-in you have to tell also if client have to use Sametime Community Credential (by default this value is true) ,but you have also to tell to Sametime Meeting client the Community hostname using the following parameter

  • Item     --->   communityServerName
  • Value   --->   community.contoso.com
  • Plugin   --->   com.ibm.rtc.meetings.shelf
This is only an example of Sametime settings you can manage from Domino Policy and Desktop Setting, here on official Sametime Wiki you can find the complete list of all setting we can use (from livetext to widget, sound and so on..) . Very useful !

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  1. Using urls to meeting server when using HTTPS could be a problem
    If you want to open Meeting Rooms in your Notes client and your policy for browsers is to not allow for mixed content.

    Wrote an article on our company blog with a solution on this


    I also have PMR on its way to third level at IBM