Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Something new under the hood of Domino 9

As you know, there are many new stuff in Domino 9 (like opensocial features, dbmt,oneUI, etc ,etc) but there are also some other nice enhancements !

Compact -Replica

load compact db.nsf -replica , this could be very usefull when you have very large db and this have some problems for example very deframmented ID table.
Or maybe some corruption in system dbs like names.nsf

This switch make a background replica making a db.repl and when it will finished switch the repl and nsf db
If the original db is still in use the process will finish at next server restart (you could force with -restart )

e.g.  load compact names.nsf -replica -restart
this will compact your DominoDirectory making the replica and will restart the server to finish the procedure

Compact -# n

This could be very nice feature for Admin !  n is the number of compact instances will be launched at same time..
I know there are the .ind file but this could be very useful and easy for ODS migration

e.g load compact mail -C -# 3  
this will start 3 compact where the number could be from 1 to 20 (1 is default)

Program Documents
On The "Server to run on:" field on program document you could insert now

  • server group (type of group must be servers only !!)
  • cluster name
  • wildcard characters like ? or * in server name
Protected Groups

Sometimes could happens.. and someone could delete some important group in domino directory.. but not in DOMINO 9 !

If you go to Domino Directory profile (Admin client->People And Groups->People->Actions->Edit Directory profile )   you could see a new field where you have to insert the groups you would like to protect against deletion.
LocalDomainAdmins, LocalDomainServers OtherDomainServers are the default but you have to edit and save the doc to became operational.

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