Friday, May 3, 2013

Domino 9.0 intermim fix 1 released

 IBM has released the first intermi fix for Domino 9.0 that addresses the following SRP

MKEN966HFRIHS sends back a 500 status code if mod_domino recieves a 449 status code,
causes Notes Traveler to fail. (Note: This is a Windows-specific SPR)
DMEA96CMVXWeb: Database with SSL redirect and missing WSIS header with connectors
 enabled results in looping
JPAI93JKURFull Text message: d:\notefile\mail\czimmet.ft\ftgi.P02
Read error. errcode = 3353 errno = 0
HBJW95PBZ8Pager issue in catalog xpage UI

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