Friday, February 21, 2014

How to redir http to https on Wesphere Proxy

When you work on IBM Sametime Server 9 or 8.5 you have to work also with Websphere Proxy server to be able to publish your servers like Meeting, Proxy or Advanced.

If you have to publish Websphere proxy directly to internet you could set the http redirect to https on Websphere Proxy following these steps

1) Set URI Group

Open Sametime DMGR Administraton console and go to URI Groups

set a new one with  / in URI pattern

2) Modify Virtual Hosts

Edit default_host and proxy_host and delete the port 80 then go to your Sametime Server virtual hosts and check if you have insert HTTP with correct alias like the following

3)  Routing Action inside Websphere Proxy

Open your Websphere proxy and go to Routing rules

make a new rule and fill the field 

you need to insert or select
  • Name
  • Name of Virtual Host (choose the VH of the Sametime server you like to redir)
  • URI Group (select the URI group created on point 1 )
  • Redirect URL: set the URL where you like to be redirect (eg for meeting server   )
save and then set all rules you need (i've set 3 for 3 Sametime Server)

This will be last step
  • save change to master configuration
  • sync the nodes
  • restart the  Websphere Proxy

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