Tuesday, April 8, 2014

IBM Sametime Proxy new cumulative hotfix available - 3rd April 2014

IBM has released a new and important cumulative hotfix for Sametime Proxy with following fix and improvements:

- Added timeout to validation of push service connectivity to prevent login failure for mobile devices
- Improvements to cluster failover handling
- Improved error messages for file transfer in Internet Explorer
- Fixed A/V capability updates for mobile devices returning from background mode
- Fixed display of long strings in business card
- Fixed layout issue with quick find results and contact list in iNotes
- Improved logout handling when integrated with Sametime Meetings
- Fixed issue sending file transfer to a guest user when in a Sametime Meeting
- Fixed issue sending screen capture to an anonymous user
- Improved mobile web client integration
- Allow wildcards in quick find search
- Improvements for accessibility
- Security update for file transfer
- Performance improvements
- Security update to prevent a potential XSS issue
- Fixed UI issues with the Sametime contact list portlet in IBM WebSphere Portal

this fixes are also included because were on previous cumulative hotfix:

- Fixed potential XSS issue
- Fixed WebKit console reference error when running in debug mode
- Sametime Contact List Portlet updated to work with ST9
- Improved loading time for large buddy lists in IE8
- Fixed memory leak in UserInfoService
- Fixed issue with Meetings presence awareness after session expiry
- Fixed issue with wrong contact list / chat window showing on shared device
- Updated AutoAway extension description for Google Chrome 
- Improvements to web client failover
- Fixed "Bring Window To Front" behaviour
- Fixed contact list rendering issues
- Fixed emoticon display issue

I've just installed this on my enviroment and has solved issue between SmartCloud iNotes and Sametime Proxy on promise ( buddy list appear grey and Column in inbox where ST icons would be gets very wide )

In this technote you will find the original description and the download link from IBM Fixcentral
Assolutamente consigliata l'installazione

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