Friday, May 22, 2015

IBM Connections community and conflict when adding Files

Today a customer has asked me why adding Files app to a community he was getting a confict error

This case could happens when you try to add an app to a community but is still present inside the database an orphaned app .

This is the steps to do for fix this kind of issue:
  1. start a  wsadmin prompt 
  2. start files admin  execfile("")       
  3. to identify the Library Id associated with the Community Id use this command                  FilesLibraryService.getByExternalContainerId("communityID")
  4. To delete the library ID  use the following command                  FilesLibraryService.delete("string libraryId")

The communityID is inside the url of the community ,

This could be an example of the command in point 3:


with the following output where you can find below in  red the Library id 

{maximumSize=2147483648, size=421307226, percentUsed=0.19618646521121264, summary=EL Team, createDate=Fri Jan 20 10:06:02 C
ET 2012, policyId=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001, externalContainerId=d1234567-cde1-1234-1abc-01a2b1cde3fg, themeName
=default, label=We1234d404cc5_40c4_9cb9_6b43ce1f455d, title=Titolo Della Community in oggetto, ownerUserId=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, type=community, id=12345678-9a12-3abc-d4e5-aa12b34c5d67, externalInstanceId=We1234d404cc5_40c4_9cb9_6b43ce1f455d, lastUpdate=Fri Feb 20 18:03:21 CET 2015}

now you can delete the library:


and you will get this response:

The library with the id 12345678-9a12-3abc-d4e5-aa12b34c5d67 is now deleted.

Now you will be able to add Files to the community!

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