Thursday, May 14, 2015

Set IBM Verse as desktop app on chrome

IBM Verse is a WebApp available for now only online because the offline version is expected in 2015 2h.

If you like to have a better user experience you can add IBM Verse as desktop app throgh Chrome and IE feature.

On  Chrome click on menĂ¹ icon -> more tools -> Create application shortcuts

on next menĂ¹ select the place where you like to have the IBM Verse link

Now you will have a windows full size without navigation bar, addess bar, bookmark bar all for IBM VERSE.

Now for the next IBM Verse start you can launch the app from the new Icon created. Chrome have a nice credential caching so probably you will be able to open Verse without entering your credential.

Verse have also a nice desktop notification system for new mail users can have a nice experience like a classical Desktop App