Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Traveler cumulative fix available via PMR

IBM support have developed a cumulative fix available via PMR.
This are the apar corrected both on Windows server and Linux

  • LO84144 - Appointment instance change may not sync to iOS device in some scenarios set NTS_CALENDAR_DELETEADD_APPLE_APPOINTMENTS=true in Traveler server(s) notes.ini to enable fix.  
  • LO84747 - Some Mime Audio/Wav files are not getting synched to the device correctly
  • LO84756 - Removing last invitee from meeting os iOS does not remove invitee from server.
  • LO84790 - ParseException: Expected ';', got  "xxxx" on malformed mime content type.
  • LO84792 - Email on Verse client has zero byte attachment called ./alternative
  • LO84845 - Large mime email bodies with extended ascii characters are not readable
  • LO84861 - Meeting notices deleted from device are not removed from non-inbox folders

The following are Windows specific
  • LO84939 - When first enabling trash sync, device may get error trying to delete an item
  • LO84941 - OOO from iOS8 device may fail due to using invalid device ID
  • LO84943 - OOO time may show in server time zone instead of user time zone in reply email
  • LO84947 - Traveler defrag on Derby runs with errors 
  • LO84957 - Accepted state not reflected on invite ios device after been accepted for non-repeat meeting
If you have any of this issue open a PMR to obtain this new updated setup (upgrade supported also from ).

This fixes will be included in the next major release.

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