Saturday, May 30, 2015

Traveler available for download

IBM has released on fixcentarl new Traveler that include all new fixes released from previous .
This package could be used as upgrade from Traveler  8.5.3 and require Domino at least  8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1.

The following are the  APAR corrected in this release, have a nice upgrade!

APAR # Component Abstract
LO84144 Server Update of appointment instance may not sync to Apple device.
LO84586 Server Warning message for NTS_PUSH_ENABLE_APNS setting at startup.
LO84641 Server Push not working for Android devices.
LO84756 Server Remove last attendee from event on Apple device may not be reflected in Notes client.
LO84747 Server Some wav files for Mime format document do not sync to mobile device.
LO84790 Server Parse exception on malformed Mime document may prevent sync of document.
LO84792 Server Verse client displays zero byte attachment.
LO84825 Server Chair field with canonical format may get replaced by internet format user name.
LO84845 Server Large e-mail bodies in Mime format may not display on mobile device.
LO84846 Server For performance, do not use index hint with enterprise database.
LO84861 Server Meeting notice deleted from device may not be deleted on server.
LO84878 Server Calendar description field may loose line feed characters.
LO84939 Server Immediately after enable Trash sync, device may receive error trying to delete a message.
LO84941 Server Setting Out of Office from IBM Companion app on iOS 8.x may fail.
LO84943 Server Out of Office time may display in server time zone instead of end user time zone.
LO84947 Server Defrag on stand-alone server may display errors.
LO84957 Server Event acceptance state may not be displayed after accepting a single meeting instance.
LO84968 Android Security update may not push to Android devices running 4.2 or later OS.
LO85028 Server Attachment sync error "Could not find file attachment"
LO85031 Server Traveler server may crash processing a mal formed Mime document.
LO85057 Server Attachment sync error "Entry not found in index."
LO85110 Server Syncing Mime format documents may result in exception in logs.

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