Friday, June 5, 2015

Reminder: Domino on windows server with antivirus

Just a quick translate of the italian blog post i've made yesterday because i think this post could be an important reminder to all administrator who have Domino on windows server

IBM has made a  technote  HCL has made a technote about antivirus exlusions for Domino

  • data directory ( binary can be checked by AV)
  • tranlog directory
  • daos directory
  • VIEW_REBUILD_DIR as specified in notes.ini if you are using this settings
  • any directory linked through directory link outside the data
  • disable all mail plugin settings (they are made for client , not for server)

That's all, any infected attachements could be find by AV on %temp%\ notesxxx folder that Domino use to process the email.

If you like to have AV protections inside all domino server PLEASE buy a dedicated product for Domino from your AV seller

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