Wednesday, July 1, 2015

IBM Connections Meetings and IBM Connections Chat, how change the default policy for AudioVideo , FileTransfer and History

In last days IBM has released Audio Video for IBM Connections Meeting cloud but is not enabled by default.
IBM Connections Chat cloud by default have History and file transfer enabled by deault.

If you like to change the default behavior of this 2 component of IBM services cloud offer you have to modify the default st policy using the integration server.

The first thing to do is naming the file correctly like the following example


customerId:  Your customer ID is in the Company Account: Settings section of the Administration user interface.
departement Specifies the optional department ID for the user.
type The value must be ST.
seqNum   Specifies the sequence number that is used to order the processing of files; the value must be an integer value 0 - 9223372036854775807
ext Specifies the file extension that indicates the data encoding type. The value must be csv.

EG a correct name of the file could be   20001234_ST_1506180839.csv   where  20001234 is your customerID and  1506180839 is the seqNum.

For both chase , the first raw of the csv must be


emailAddress could be wildcard * and the setting will be applied to all ORG or could be a single email address.
action could be assign policy or revokepolicy
polies must be the name of the policy with value

IBM Connections Meeting - Audio Video

In this case the name of the policy is av_policy and could have the following values

Policy (policy identifiers are not case-sensitive) Description
av.1 Audio/video is disabled for meetings.
av.2 Audio/video is enabled for meetings.
av.3 Only audio is enabled for meetings.

the default of this settings is Audio disabled , video disabled , so if we like to enable all for all users of organization inside the CSV we can write the following 2 row

IBM Connections Chat - File Transfer and chat history

By default both file transfer and chat history are enabled on IBM Connections chat cloud.

In this case the name of the policy is im_policy and could have the following value

Policy (policy identifiers are not case-sensitive) Description
im.1 Chat history is disabled. File transfer is enabled for all client types.
im.2 Chat history is enabled. File transfer is disabled for all client types.
im.3 Chat history is disabled. File transfer is disabled for all client types.

For instance if we like to disable file tranfert to all organization but keep enabled the history we can upload a CSV with the following 2 raw


Some final conclusion for both case, you can upload csv with more raw , for example if you like to change a setting for all org except some others, so in this case the explicit policy associated to a user will have precedence to the generic policy.

For audio video the supported browser is Firefox, IE and Safari on Windows and MAC.
After any new pololicy you have to wait up to 24h to have the new policy up&running

Here you can find some references here IBM  technote and  here the  Knowledge center .

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