Thursday, August 27, 2015

Traveler sync Mail Contact and Calendar on Windows 10 pro : it works !

As I've reported yesterday with Traveler was introduced also support for Windows 10 pro on Tablet devices.

I've tried to configure Mail on my Laptop and it works correctly !

Launch mail from your start menu

Then configure a new Exchange Account

Now insert your credential

After clicking next button you will get the following error, so click Advanced

Now insert the FQDN of your traveler server, check teh SSL box and click next

All done ! You have configured your WinPC to access Mail, Calendar and contacto thru your Traveler server !

Now you got your email, your folder

Your calendar from the app ( here I din't publish mine screenshot for privacy reasons but it works) 

And of course you get the contacts from type ahead 

And from dedicated app called People 

Mail is a basic client but from my first test, appear to work quite well and could be a valid alternative for basic users that need only the basic tasks.

WARNING: this configuration is not supported yet so you can find some issue working with Mail or maybe you can have some servers issue , be careful !

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