Wednesday, January 27, 2016

IBM Mail on boarding manager new feature released today !

IBM has just released a new mom release with some interesting features:

  • CSV import uses only an Internet address. The First Name and Last Name fields are ignored. To ensure the file is formatted correctly, download the updated CSV template.
  • Existing Transfer Group Settings can be used as a basis to create new Transfer Group Settings. Administrators can simply click the Copy button on a settings tile to create new settings based on the existing set.
  • Multiple administrators can log in and work in the Tool simultaneously.
  • You can view all of the administration activity by using the Audit feature. Click your organization name and select Audit Logs from the menu.

I tried just tried to migrate a new user and now the Notes re-configuration button is finally signed!

MOM is able to perform auto update, but you can also make a manual upgrade downloading this package  CN838ML from your Smartcloud Download&Setup section.

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