Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How to: configure multiple IBM Verse account on Android devices

One of the FAQ about IBM Verse on mobile is if we can have multi account on  Android and iOS devices.

On iOS you can workaround this issue configuring one account inside IBM Verse and the others inside the apple client but on Android alternative mail client are not supported and usually isn't completely working.

Today reading some blogs I've found an app named Parallel Space available for free on Google Play store that is able to build virtualized and isolated environment that are able to runs multiple instance of the apps.

I've tried that with IBM Verse and it works ! 

Here the link to install Parallel Space from Google playstore.

Open parallel space, and than select the app to virtualize , IBM Verse

Tap on IBM Verse

A new configuration will start and after that you will be able to runs multiple Verse instance on your smartphone. See the screenshot from my multitasking, one with official icon and another one with parallel space icon.

I make some try and it appears to works fine ! Push notification appear to woks too but sometimes i saw the virtualized app disconnected.
After a manual sync the mail was downloaded correctly.

I will test this configuration in next days, if the issue on push notification will be confirmed a possible workaround could be set a server side notification from secondary account to the primary.

Witch  app you will virtualize first? Verse, Connections, Sametime ? Or Facebook ? :-)


  1. Nice!
    Thank you. :-)

  2. Don't get me wrong - but this is just one of the many Design flaws in IBM Verse on Android. Virtualize to use more than one account, are you kidding me ?! BlackBerry was able to deal with this ages ago. Design thinking ? What a joke.

    1. You are right, we should have the possibility to add multiple account inside regular application but.. in the meanwhile if anyone needs multiple account could be use this workaround. Another workaround could be use another client but the mail could not be rendered properly and the security things like encrypted mail are not supported. I tried gmail on my private phone with Android 6.0.1 configured as exchange account and for mail purposes only it appear to works fine

  3. I wanted to try this but the app said it was not compatible with my device - a Samsung Galaxy tab 7 with all current updates.

  4. Its been a year (nearly) since the blog and IBM has still not done anything about mail access - multiple users, separate accounts, on android. Also to access IBM notes on Outlook is a pain with just too many issues. And we have been talking about a heterogenous world. In the the meantime we wait for the rain.....

  5. It's not allowing me to choose Verse...I'm guessing it's no longer compatible.

  6. Matteo, have you been able to use the widgets you can add to the start page for the virtualised Verse? I can only do that for the Verse app, and not for the one running inside Paralell Space

    1. Hi Hogne.. it's almost 2 year I switched on iPhone, so I'm not able to help you .. i don't remember if the widgets was working or not