Friday, February 19, 2016

IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP5 IF2 available for download

IBM has released  on fixcentral the new FP5 IF2 for  Notes FP5 that address some issues:

CDLLA4UBB3Icons are compressed on Toolbar for Sametime in High Screen Resolutions
DBHAA6ME3SMove installhandler from platform faeture to provisioning feature
DSCK9TUNDRClient -SWTError: No more handles - java/lang/OutOfMemoryError
Defect 29903Fix Delete Cached Photo
Defect 29499Fix a regression of bizcard occurs in Notes 9.0.1 FP4
Defect 30966/MLUOA8RVZUMultiple requests for remote photo url
Defect 30590Fix memory leaks in business card
Defect 31150The photo in chat history will be superimposed once the businesscard shows incorrect and you switch them back and forth,
Defect 31493Quickly hover multiple users one by one. sometimes one photo is not saved from person cache to bizcard cache
Defect 31647Chat partner is still displayed as available in business card when user is offline
Defect 31860There is no the default picture on the business card if the user has not uploaded a photo
Defect 31493Delete Cached Photo, Developer
Defect 32582Catch_Exceptions_In_2_Jobs_In_Bizcard
Defect 32649bizcard_reload_photo_if_size_is_0

This IF is cumulative that previous IF1 and you can find all fixlist  here..

If you have one of this issue and you cannot absolutely wait a month for the FP6 ( ETA March 2016) install it but otherwise my suggestion is to wait the next Fixpack

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