Wednesday, March 30, 2016

IBM Verse offline , features differences between offline and online

Yesterday we was talking about Verse offline and attachments with some friends and after a mail to IBM support I've obtained this SPR # PANNA85N45 and APAR LO88356, which is entitled: "Enhancement: Verse offline should support attachments".

IBM Verse for now is not supporting attachments offline and this are the differences between online and offline:
  • Attachments and images are not available for messages stored offline, but each email will indicate that attachments were part of the original email.
  • Attachments cannot be added to outgoing emails.
  • Calendar invitations will be shown in the inbox and on the calendar bar but cannot be accepted/declined and new invitations cannot be created. The calendar popup is available for all entries from the calendar bar.
  • Signed and encrypted mail options when sending email are not available.
  • Currently it is possible to search and review existing “Needs Action/Waiting For” items from sync period (7 days). Coming very soon it will also be possible to mark completed existing items or add new items
  • When reviewing the inbox, snippets (preview of first couple of lines of message) are not available.
You can read the entire technote here.

I think IBM Verse offline is a really nice useful feature and the current feature available is a good start to have a real "working buffer" when we find our self disconnected but for now if you need a most complete offline client you will need to use IBM Notes and in near future MS Outlook.

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