Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Comparison tables of features between IBM Notes, IBM iNotes & IBM SmartCloud Notes web

Sometimes it you can have a user with a question like " i'm on webmail where is the button to do this features? I remember to have that functionality somewhere... "

Sincerely after a lot of years and now with an on premise and cloud version with different features i need an help to remember where you can do a things and were you can not but this morning I've found this nice IBM technote with a matrix  with all features compared between Notes 8.5.3/9.0.1 iNotes  and Smartcloud Notes and Smartcloud Web.

This matrix could be helpful when you have some doubt about features available.

Note: In this matrix is missing at all the ability to process .ics files... (thanks Sir @PaulSWithers ) so you have to remember where you can manage .ics and where you cannot ! ;-)

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