Friday, May 27, 2016

How To: Customize IBM Forms experience builder login page using IBM Http server

During last days one of my customer want to place a standard login forms on all web products and IBM Forms was one of those.

Forms doesn't have an easy way to customize the look and feel so I've decided to use the IBM Http Server to expose a different custom CSS file of the login page instead the standard one.

IBM Http server >= 8.5.5 FP1

If you have at least IHS 8.5.5 FP1 you can use the following directive

   SetEnvIf Request_URI ^/forms/open/ skipwas=1

Reding this directive IHS will be instruct to search the application_ligin.css file in same place but ignoring the IHS Plugin.. so you have to replicate same folder on local document root with the css file.

IBM HTTP < 8.5.5 FP1

Using an old version of IHS I've used the rewrite module

RewriteEngine On
Alias /static/ "/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/www/static/"
RewriteRule ^/forms/open/$ /static/application_login.css [PT]

The alias directive is an optional facility in case we will need same folder structure for others file in the future.
This method with rewrite rule is also available on IHS >8.5.5 FP1

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