Thursday, May 19, 2016

IBM Traveler available for download

IBM has  released  on fixcentral a new update for  Traveler raise up now to

This release will introduce the following APAR :

APAR # Abstract
LO85585 Throttle database connections for increased performance.
LO86909 Ghost initial invitations to devices using ActiveSync protocol.
LO88168 Ghosted invitation not removed from mobile device when declined from iNotes.
LO88210 Verse application on iOS receives push notification after edit mail on device.
LO88234 Edit of repeating event from Apple iOS 9.2.1 Calendar application may loose location information.
LO88259 E-mail in MIME format may not render correctly on mobile if document missing charset in header.
LO88295 Traveler cleanup can not cleanup renamed users data.
LO88369 Busy time still shows busy after declining an invitation from mobile.
LO88380 Apple native e-mail application may resync data after encountering expected attachment sync error.
LO88392 Unable to load Traveler task on SUSE 10 server.
LO88430 Traveler server records extra replica server if replica IDs are nearly identical.
LO88452 Limit error logging for Mime attachments that have no data.
LO88527 A database transaction is held open for a long time resulting in transaction log full error.
LO88528 A folder may stop syncing to mobile after replacing the mail file template.
LO88590 Allow delete from mobile when user over quota to help get back under quota.
LO88593 DBAccountsCheck may not cleanup account if account has an invalid hash value stored.
LO88654 Move to trash fails after derby to DB2 data migration.
LO88655 Attachment with excessively long file name may not sync to mobile device.
LO88715 Notes Doc link may not work in Companion application.
LO88860 Particular e-mail or calendar event not found on mobile device due to timing scenario when load balancing a user.

this relase will introduce also the following new functionality or behavior
  • Ghosting of initial invitations on Active Sync devices.
  • Database Transaction Throttling - The IBM Traveler server will now limit the number and speed which it creates database transactions. This helps prevent stress on the database server and improve over-all database performance
  • Secure FTP (FTPS) used by default when running the IBM Traveler PMR command. FTPS encrypts data that is transmitted to IBM Support for improved security. Because FTPS uses port 22 instead of the FTP port 21 it may be necessary to work with your network team if port 22 is not already open in your environment. See the PMR command documentation for upload details and settings.
All details available reading this technote

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