Friday, July 29, 2016

IBM Connections 5.5 , Ephox editors released

Ephox editors are included inside IBM Connections 5.5 entitlements and in my opinion are a great features to install and use.

Some days ago IBM has released on IBM Fixcentral a new build that include some new features (like Microsoft Edge support ) and bug fixes:

New Features

  • Images uploaded by EditLive! in Forums are now uploaded to the Forums storage rather than to Files.
  • Integration of into Connections.
  • Java 8 support for EditLive
  • Image upload failures now display more meaningful error messages.
  • Added image upload failure message handling for an error uploading in Forums.
  • Added logDownload setting to control whether 'logDownload="false"' is added to the end of image URLs uploaded by EditLive.

Bug Fixes

  • Spelling service caused problems for when there was no port in the URL.
  • Error uploading images in some Community pages.
  • ACL functionality for @mentions.
  • EditLive! could get stuck in background mode ("freeze").
  • Renamed editlive.css to ephox.css.
  • Updated @mentions profile search URL.
  • A function call was incompatible with Internet Explorer 8.
  • A function call was incompatible with Internet Explorer 7.
  • New Activities to-do items had an incorrect title.
  • Changed EditLive! upload behaviour to stop "editlive" tag being attached to Files images.
  • Autosave in wikis was moving the caret. This fix prevents the caret moving in most instances, except when the Table of Contents macro is used.
  • Added "spellingServiceEnabled" configuration item, to permit enabling/disabling the spelling service.
  • version upgraded to 1.3.2. Edge now supported.
  • Altered URL encoding behaviour to prevent URL encoding of "!#", which was causing incorrect behaviours in certain scenarios.
  • Reduced size of "lite" editor.
  • Improved "!#" handling to handle multiple links within a single content item.
  • @mentions fixes, notably around the handling of empty @mentions links.
  • CSS fix to prevent editor overlapping pop up menus in homepage
  • Improved activities attachment deletion behavior.
  • Removed filtering of existing incomplete @mentions.

If you need help about install procedure please check  Ephox documentations

To verify the Ephox editors currently installed on your server check the following URL:


and you should obtain this response

Ephox Editors for IBM Connections has been successfully installed.

This is release

The EditLive! version in this release is
The version in this release is

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