Wednesday, July 13, 2016

IBM Traveler available for download

IBM has released on  fixcentral Traveler with the following APAR:

APAR #Abstract
LO87689Invitee status not updated on Mobile device when external invitee responds.
LO88807Add the immediately remove invitee from invite on mobile device may not remove the invitee.
LO88916Invitee status not updated on Outlook client when external invitee responds.
LO88950Event still appears ghosted on mobile device after process an info update from ghosted entry.
LO89057Upgrade install technology to prevent MS Windows DLL Loading vulnerability.
LO89097Traveler device may display EnterSendTo field if SendTo empty for non-draft message.
LO89287Warning message for NumberFormatException for empty string should be Info log message and not a warning.
LO89357Update to prevent XML External Entities Injection vulnerability.
LO89358Same full name contact could sync wrong contact photo.
LO89421Ghosted entry for non-repeating event Cancel notice may show additional options on mobile device.
LO89499APNS notifications for IBM Verse for iOS may be in English instead of device preferred language.
LO89501Attachments and in-line images missing content header may not sync to mobile device.
LO89540Traveler Utility application should warn if attempting to change the DB2 user name as this may change the schema name as well.
LO89543Prevent device from renaming folder to null string.
LO89544Accept reschedule of non-repeating event from ghosted entry on Apple iOS Calendar application may not take effect on server.

This will be the partnumber for downlaad on password advantage:
  • Windows CNDL4ML
  • Linux CNDL5ML

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