Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How monitor the usage ,the status and adoption of IBM Connections ? Panagenda Connections Expert

When you are working with IBM Conenctions probably you will be asked to monitor the usage, the status and the adoption of the environment.

Panagenda during the last few months has released a new product named Connections Expert that could fit this requests.

Connections Expert is released with 2 license named basic (free of charge!) and professional, is build as virtual machine appliance and is based on following components:
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • Tomcat 8 Application Server 
  • NodeJS 6 Application Server 
  • Nginx 1.10 Reverse Proxy Server 
  • Java 8 Virtual Machine 
  • PostGre SQL 9.5 Relational Database Server
In addiction to the appliance you have to install on Connections DMGR an interface application named Bridgehead that transfers IBM Connections statistics directly to ConnectionsExpert.

After the deployement of VM and bridgehead application you are ready to start and monitor all Connections features like the folling examples:

from dashboard you can see a complete overview about user simulation response time and applications status:

on other tabs you can see applications usege:

or file library overview:

On other tab there are salso the Community activity (moving the pointer over the baloon you can see more data about communities)

This was only few examples about how you can see using this solution.

Reading this page you can find following a complete overview of Panagenda CE with the differences between basic or professional version, pricing and the forms to ask the free licence.

In my opinion if you are using IBM Connections you have to try this solution because is really fast to deploy and give you a complete control over Connections usage, status and adoption.

If you are interested in more details please contact Panagenda or your preferred Panagenda Partner !

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