Thursday, September 1, 2016

IBM Mail Onboarding Manager 2.0.16224 available

IBM has relased the new mom release 2.0.16224 with 2 big new features:

 1)   In a service-only environment, the Mail Onboarding Manager now supports migrating mail data in two different ways:
        From a 2010 or 2013 Microsoft Exchange server. Mail data is migrated from a Microsoft Exchange server to a Domino server in the cloud. The data is then converted to an .nsf file for account provisioning. For information see Migrating mail using the Mail Onboarding Manager.
        From an on-premises Domino server.

    Note that a single installed instance of the tool must be configured to support each scenario. If you previously installed and configured a tool for transferring files from a Domino server in a hybrid environment, for example, you must install and configure a new instance for an Exchange server or for a service-only Domino server. Likewise, if you install and configure a instance of the tool for migrating from a service-only Exchange server, you must install and configure a new instance to migrate mail from a service-only Domino server.

2)    A new Revoke action allows you to revoke a user who is listed on the Complete page. This allows you to re-add the user to a new transfer group and migrate the user to the cloud again at a later time. For complete steps, see the help available on the Complete page by clicking "How do I manage users?"

I really love the availability of both features and i hope the Exchange migration availability will be available also for hybrid configuration in near future.

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