Thursday, September 29, 2016

Some personal considerations after ICONUK 2016 and IBM Social Enterprise Executive Exchange

This month starting from 16th until 21th i was able to attend 2 different events, first IconUK in London, a user group event  and then Social Enterprise Executive Exchange in Venice organized by IBM .

This 2 events was different with different kind of attendees but both was  focused about IBM social  collaboration software in different declination and now, after some days I like to share my opinion about our movement: I'm Happy!

First of all our community , we are amazing!
I'm an IBM Champion from 3 years and during this period I was able to attend some of this events in Europe and US and having the opportunity to share experience , meet other Champions and Bloggers from over the world it's every time a better experience.
Thanks all for your friendship !

After this I really like to kudos IBM because during this events I had the opportunity to talk with Barry Rosen, Ed Brill and Rishi Vaish and I have really appreciate the availability and  the patience showed replying every questions about sw news, support, functionality and roadmap.. thanks !

Last but not least, I've to say I also liked what I heard about IBM software and roadmaps: in a big family like our maybe not all of us could be happy at same time but personally I think IBM is going to right directions and during next months when we will be able to have new features and products like Verse extensibility , Cognitive features, Toscana ,  Verse on prem and so on  our works will became better and easier than today .

Thanks all for read, i hope to see you all at IBM Connect 2017

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