Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How to (easly) extend Watson Workspace using IFTTT

During IBM Word of Watson IBM has annoounced Watson Workspace  with 2 build-in integration.

When you go on  a Space properties you can see 2 apps ( more is coming and you can also extend the list using API registering your own apps)

With Slack integration you can add a Slack Channel inside a WW space and vice versa so users from both world can communicate.

Adding IFTTT to a space you can add a custom recipe from IFTTT site building you own advanced actions (see here to see some details about the site). IFTTT means if this than that so you can build an action from a web service/email/feed/etc and do somethin for instance on  Watson Workspace.

For instance we like to get a message after every Tweet of planet lotus to not miss a news

From Space properties we have to click over IFTT icon, then we can create the recipe Applet (you have to be registered on the site to use the service) .

we will start clicking over this 

now we will choose the trigger channell 

after have selected twitter you have to authorize IFTTT to connect as you on twitter using oauth authentication

then we can choose the action "New tweet by a specified user"

now we have done the first half of the work

click on that, and we can finally choose Watson Workspace as action channel (destination) 

now we have to finalize the options choosing the space and personalizing the Message

and we are done ! click over Create Recipe

Now you can enjoy the result of the applet


The integration of IFTT is a great opportunity to have instantly a huge number to integrations because the Trigger  (the start action) currently  available are  over 170 ,  great move IBM !

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