Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Webinar: Around the Table by ICON UK , Verse On-Premises and Verse extensibility with Scott Souder, Barry Rosen and more

The ICON UK user group has started from some month to release interesting webinar about IBM Collaboration software.

I found this kind Webinars well organized and with high relevant topics, so if you are involved in ICS I strongly suggest you to partecipate or at least to subscribe the ICON UK youtube channel to not miss the Webinar replays .

This month Scott Souder and Barry Rosen has speach about Verse extensibility and Verse On-Premises but there was also several others arguments in the Table of Contents opening the video directly on youtube.

Many thanks ICON UK team , great work !

If you like to be involved in the IBM Social Business User Community , follow the link and subribe the Community to find your user group and to not miss any relevant event like this Webinars.

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