Thursday, February 9, 2017

IBM Connections 5.5 , how to expand Wikis policy size

IBM Connections 5.5 like previous versions has several policies to limit and organize the space of Wikis, File library and other features.

In this post I like to describe the steps needed to expand a Wiki policy size, this procedure isn't complicated but I think a blogpost about this could be helpfully for some rookies admins.

Open a  wsadmin prompt   , and start Wikis administration


now create a new policy named Wiki 2GB with 2GB size

WikisPolicyService.add("Wiki 2GB", 2147483648L)

this will be the respose

A policy was added with the new id b5231c92-af29-41af-3259-c6e1a9665824 .

Now to assign the policy to the Wiki we need to know the wiki's UID

with following command we could extract all wikis info 

WikisLibraryService.exportSyncedResourceInfo("c:/community_wikis_output.xml", "community")

now we have to search community names inside the xml and then look the value after the name included in this snx:objectIdentifyingId 

<snx:objectIdentifyingId xmlns:snx="">22101b6a-3cf0-4238-afd2-3db031c82219</snx:objectIdentifyingId>

Using the following command we can assing the new policy to the desired Wiki


If customer prefer to expand the default size to a new limit like 2GB we can use the following command


To see furthers details pleas read  this Wiki page .

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