Tuesday, May 16, 2017

After migration to IBM Connections 5.x, attachments in Activities that existed in Connections 3.x can no longer be downloaded.

Today while i was checking some logs after an IBM Connections 5.5 migration I've realized some indexing errors related to some unavailable activities attachments.

After some investigation i got the solution reading this IBM Technote  where I got the steps to link the an ancient content store that was copied from previous environment but not linked inside oa-config.xml .

I've checked out the Activity configuration files, added a new store definition :

<store default="false" class="com.ibm.openactivities.objectstore.filesystem.FileSystemObjectStore">
          <property name="use.historic">false</property>
          <property name="root.directory">/path/connections/shared/activities/content_30</property>

sync and restart of the application servers involved has fixed the issue !

The most important part of this blogpost would be the the way I've found this info : the (totally unofficial) IBM Connections Skype group !
Inside this group there are several high skilled peoples from several countries that loves to collaborate and help each others , awesome !
If you are working daily with IBM Connections as customer or consultant i strongly suggest you to click this link and join the group ( thanks guys for your availability ) !

You can find a list of several others skype group reading this blogpost from David  .

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