Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WebSphere Portal server 7 update wizard fail with "portal family product not found"

During last days i had to upgrade some  WebSphere Portal to last CF but   updatePortal.bat wasn't able to find the installed product on a node with "portal family product not found" error.

After several found i fixed the issue editing the <Portal_Server_root>\

Inside this file you have to check the following parameters

ProfileName=<your profile name, e.g. wp_profile>
ProfileDirectory=<your profile directory, e.g. /opt/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile>

to fix my issue i had to change the ProfileDirectory \  into /    

i changet from 




this fixed the issue.

I know WebSphere portal 7 is EOL but I'vent find anything on it so maybe this blogpost could be useful for someone in my same situation.

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