Sunday, August 20, 2017

IBM Notes and Domino 9.0.1 : It's a great time to be a Domino Customer or Consultant !

Some days ago IBM has released the  Feature pack 9 for Notes and Domino with some nice new feature and bug fixes.
Now I'd like to spend some lines to anticipate some features/update that will be released starting next month in one of the most exciting time for IBM Domino customers and partners !

Docker Support

Starting from  FP10 ( read the  Bill Malchisky blogpost ) , we will have the IBM support to run Domino inside a Docker container. 
This feature will provide more flexibility for Domino environment and will allow us to use Domino in some different ways like:

  • Microservices: we could start a Domino for ldap, another as application server or smtp relay and have any container safe and isolated from the previous one.
  • Developer could distribute their applications as blackbox, developing and sending to the customer a complete docker container with domino and the application. 
  • We could run many servers with different roles on a single host, all isolated (if necessary) in a new optimized way.
  • We could build and run new Domino server in seconds !

Docker started as a Linux project but since last year we can also run a Windows core container on Windows 2016 server (and on a Win10 host). 
In the last months I've tested both and I've found the Linux container completely reliable and usable , we will have to wait IBM to know if they will support Docker only for Linux container or if Windows will be included too.

IBM at the moment has no plan to distribute IBM Domino images via Docker hub so we have to build our images . 

If you need some info to start with  Domino and Docker containers, please read this post about IBM Connect 2016 session by Daniele Vistalli and me   :-) .

IBM Domino community server

Next month the new Domino Community server should be released,  it's the Domino server free of charge for developers announced during the last EngageUG conference !
This license will be limited for developing purposes and should encourage using Domino as an application platform.

Eclipse e Java upgrade

Inside the Feature pack 8 there's the JVM 8 for Domino and Notes.
Design client JVM upgrade is planned for Fp10  where we will also find the upgrade of Eclipse to 4.6x for both the Notes and the Designer client.
This upgrade should increase the reliability and functionality for users and developers.


In my opinion this is a great time to be Domino Customer or Domino Consultant.
Starting from the Feature pack Era IBM has changed the speed of support giving a second youth to Domino and Notes.

IBM is also listening so please fill this form  if you are using Domino application .

In my opinion this is a great time to be a Domino Customer too :-)

Below are the slides about our  Domino&Docker session presented during the IBM Connect 2016 (our idea was too far in the future :-) ) 


  1. Docker is interesting, we have tried to do a similar thing using VM templates. What Linux Distro will IBM be specifying - presumably they are not supporting Ubuntu ?

  2. You mentioned running Domino on Windows 2016. I have read and been told of poorer performance of Domino on 2016 vs. Windows 2012. Are you finding the performance the same or improved on Windows 2016?

  3. Domino Customer or Domino Consultant. In Italy there is no longer a market for Domino technology. I worked from version 3.0.1 to 9.0.1 SP6 and I finally decided to give up Domino for lack of work.

  4. Thanks for taking the time Matteo - really appreciate the effort. Some great stuff on the landscape !!!