Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tips & Tricks about WebSphere Application Server upgrade from to 8.5.5 FP13 on Windows Server

During last weeks because of the JAVA & EOL I had to upgrade a WAS 8.5.0.x to 8.5.5. FP13 to be able to get latest fixes and JVM version.

First tip is you need the  refresh pack to upgrade to 8.5.5 and this RP could be installed with IBM Installation manager like every others FP .

Before to start  the upgrade if you are working on Windows server 2008 , you will need to stop WebSphere, put IBM WAS Services on manual and restart the server to avoid  possible DLL locking.

If you like to read more on this follow  this technote to get any others deatails on this (including also java.exe lock).

Fp13 is also the lastest Fp available for Windows 2008R2 because the upcoming FP14 (right now planned for august), will not support this OS (and others.. ) anymore.

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