Tuesday, April 10, 2018

IBM Connections and IBM Sametime group chat are moving to Watson Workspace ! Please join us !

During last years one of most valuable resource for my job was the Skype group related to the ICS products, where IBM Champions , IBMer, BP and customers was collaborating for free resolving issue and giving great advice about configurations.
If I'm not wrong I've to thanks Sharon Bellamy James because I've learned about these groups from one of her slides years ago: thanks Sharon!

Yesterday after a quick discussions between contributors we have choose to move some of these groups to Watson Workspace because the platform has reach an awesome level and could be considered mature for all kind of collaborations.

All you need to access in Watson Workspace is your IBM ID , so probably if you are customers or BP you already have your!
WW has also a free subscription that's enough to access to this collaboration groups.

Please check this page and you will find all info about access with desktop client (Win e Mac), Mobile (iOS e Android) or browser.

When you have get the access to Watson Workspace you could click the link below to join the groups

In case of trouble to join the groups you could reach me on Twitter !

UPDATE: links appear to be reachable only for the users already member of the space.. sorry for the confusion.
If you like to join and doesn't know anyone already member please ask me on Twitter,LinkedIn etc etc  

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