Thursday, April 19, 2018

panagenda ApplicationInsights still be available for free for IBM Domino customers for another year!

During last days IBM and panagenda have renewed the agreement to guarantee a free ApplicationInsights license to Domino customers with valid entitlements until April 2019 !

ApplicationInsights Explainer for IBM Customers from panagenda on Vimeo.

ApplicationInsights is an application platform distributed as software appliance (so easy and fast setup) with the following highlight features::

  • Identify applications most valuable to your business, which are worth transforming or updating.
  • Understand which databases are related and need to be approached as a set, for example when moving to the cloud.
  • See which applications can easily be web enabled or which code will break when migrating.
  • Identify similar database designs or code roadblocks, which means you can transform your application landscape as efficiently as possible.
The new license is available at this page and is able to analize the 50 most complex application instances and the 50 most used application instances.

If you need more details about AI please check on  dedicated panagenda's site.

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