Thursday, May 3, 2018

Destination Domino website launched and new Webcast planned about Domino10

IBM has launched the new website as promised where you could find all news related to Domino10 and others related software !
If you are a customers, an IBM Business partner or a consultant you have to add this address to your bookmark:

It's also available a newsletter .

Yesterday was also announced a new webcast where IBM and HCL will announce more news regarding the roadmap, below you could see the abstract:

V10 Roadmap: What's new in Mail, Chat, and VOP?
Also, pls mark your calendars:   We're bringing this hot deep-dive session from Think 2018 to you as a live webcast on May 24 at 10:00am edt / 16:00 cedt. 

Click here for registration 

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