Friday, May 25, 2018

Engage 2018 was a fantastic event! Some notes from the event and our slides

Yesterday I was back from Engage and WOW , it was a HUGE event ! The venerable  Theo Heselmans did it again.
I admit this was my first engage, so i was part of the 43% of the rookie but during past years I've followed the event remotely so I could only confirm and amplify what I have heard of positive during Engage and his organization during the years.

This year the event was in  Rotterdam, below you could see Theo during the OGS

Just some numbers:

  • 65 sessions
  • 19 round tables
  • 93 speakers
  • 420 registrations from 31 countries and 43% was‘first timers’
There was a huge presence of Offering Managers from IBM and HCL so we was able to get a lot of info and announcements during the 2 days .

I will not make a recap of the announcements because you could easly find it on other blogs  but i love to write some considerations:
  • HCL teams is full of enthusiasm , they are developing things, they are developing fast and they are hearing feedback from community and customers about the products: excellent !
  • V10 versions will be evolution of the current versions, they are fixing issues, developing new exiting features on top of current products. The revolution will start with V11 planned for 2019
  •  IBM Connections will continue to evolve during next month , IBM show us some exiting anticipations of the evolutions that will be released during next mont: awesome and exiting.
Below the slides from the session I made with my friend and colleague Daniele Vistalli about how Jenkins, Git and Ansible could help a System Administrator in every setup, deploy or configurations.

At the end I love to say HI to all my IBM Champion friends ! I've loved to have the opportunity to spend other time with all of you ! See you at the next event !

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