Wednesday, September 26, 2018

IBM Security Directory Suite 8.0.1 , how to be able to "press any key to continue" using the vmware appliance

In this days I'm working in a project that include  IBM Security Directory Suite
IBM SDS 8.0.1 is distribuited as appliance, and after a reboot at the end of configuration I've got the VM hanging at the following state

where I wasn't able to continue ( and I know where is the "any key "  )  ..
I've started some investigaton that has pointed me on this old grub issue with the following description : "centos 6 grub 'press any key to continue' takes a long time if no serial device attached" .

I've shut down the appliance , added the serial port and at the new start the issue was fixed and i was able to press the key to continue!

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