Saturday, October 6, 2018

IBM WebSphere Portal Express 8.5.e 9.0 could not restart due CLFBD0026E, CLFBD0030E errors with invalid license file (wpe85.lic) how to fix it

Yesterday I was talking about work with a friend and he has pointing me on a bug about WebSphere Portal express environments.

Starting October 1st, 2018, attempts to start/restart the server on WebSphere Portal Express 8.5 or 9.0 will fail with the following error in SystemOut.log:

CLFBD0026E: The product IBM WebSphere Portal Express does not have a valid license key installed and the evaluation period has expired. Functions specific to this product are not enabled.
CLFBD0030E: Caught error, message: Past the expiration date on license.

 In case of a setup of new environment   you will get a similar failure.

IBM support has published this technote with a new license file wpe85.lic and the related procedure for the installation.
If you need to setup a new environment the workaround is :

  • temporarily reset the system clock for the operating system to a date prior to Oct 1, 2018 , 
  • perform the setup , 
  • reset the clock to the current time
  • install the new license

This issue does not affect other WebSphere Portal 8.5 , 9.0 license topology,

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