Friday, May 31, 2019

IBM Connections 6.0 CR5 available !!!

IBM has released on fixcentra  the new CR5 for Connections 6.0 and this will be probably the last major update for Connections branded IBM.

This CR5 comes our with a a huge fixlist and some nice new features anticipated during Engage 2019 like the following:

  • administrators can transfer the ownership of the files
  • new widgets creation and preview for ICEC
  • support for the new Tiny MCE V5 

Some useful links

After the upgrade of WAS to FP15 and of the SDK it's required also the  iFix  IFPH09407 but right now while I'm writing this post the ifixes looks not available on fixcentral  for offline setup.

This is the link of the related technote where you could find the direct fixlink..
During next days I'll start to upgrade several environment !

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