Friday, June 7, 2019

IBM Connections :what do you have to check if some users removed from a restricted community are still receiving mail notifications with that community events

Some weeks ago one of my customers with Connections 5.5 pointed my attention to a strange issue where some users removed from a restricted community was still receiving inside the mail digest event related to that community.

After some checks on DB tables of community and profiles where I've found a consistent state, I had check the community event queue like described in this page

The fist step is start a wsadmin prompt ,

than enable community admins evironement


now I've run the command to see the Community event queue (to have shorter command I'll write communityID to represent the community ID and eventID to represent the evenet Id)

CommunitiesQEventService.viewQueuedEventsByResourceId("community", "communityID", None, 100)

this command replied to me with more of 100 events like the following :

        Remote App                Resource Id                       Event Type                                      Event Id
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    widget.removed                         
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    community.members.added        eventID2      
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    community.members.added        eventID3      
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    community.members.removed    eventID4       
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    community.members.removed    eventID5      
        Library c060ec74-ddd1-4c62-bdb1-fe0316a760dc    community.members.added         eventID6

when I saw  "community.members.removed " event I've understood to be on the right way.

First I tried to reprocess the list with this command

CommunitiesQEventService.retryQueuedEventsByResourceId("community", "communityID")

but after a check I saw only few event was processed correctly so I moved my research on Community's  SystemOut.log where I saw an error while server was trying to remove a widget from that community.

After a double check on the community that widget wasn't there anymore, so I decided to try to delete that event with a dedicated command


the command runs successfully so I tried again to clear the queue with the initial command

CommunitiesQEventService.retryQueuedEventsByResourceId("community", "communityID")

and after some minutes the queue was completely cleared.

After this steps if any of the users involved will receive again the mail notification  , the last step to definitely fix this issue will be re add and remove the user again from the community.

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