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Connections Cloud end of service, some facts and personal thougs about it

During last days HCL  has published this technote  where it's announced the  End Of Service of Connections Cloud for July 16, 2020 and Richard Jefts , has published this blogpost more details and clarifications also about this topic.

The destiny of Connections Cloud and Smartcloud Notes is is an important topic for our community so I like to write a recap about facts and some of my  hopes for the future.

What will happens

HCL has scheduled the end service  for Connections Cloud , Smartcloud Notes or for July 16, 2020.

HCL will no longer sell new subscriptions to Connections Cloud and Domino Apps on Cloud (DAC) services. Accordingly, the services will end on July 16, 2020.  Existing customers may purchase additional seats as needed to remain compliant with their license agreements for the remainder of the period of service

Technical support continues to be available during the subscription period in accordance with the applicable HCL agreement.IBM will continue to maintain the IBM Connections Cloud environment , there will be no further enhancements made during this period, with the exception of critical fixes and security updates.

Customers future

Customers could remains on the services until the EOS,  with this possible options for the future:

  • HCL Cloud   ( only for Connections )
  • Private Cloud
  • Partner-led Cloud
HCL has no plans to provide replacement for Smart Cloud Notes or Verse on Cloud so the replacement options will be limited to :
  • Private Cloud
  • Partner-led Cloud

My thoughts and my hopes

HCL has taken this decisions due to a lot of reasons, and one of the most important for customers cold is probably the intention to unifying the code of cloud and on-prem versions.
Current cloud environments is working with customized version of the on-prem software , difficult to be managed , upgraded compared to the on-prem version.

From what I currently know and what I could aspect , the next generation of Connections Cloud on HCL Cloud that will be offered as SAAS will be more flexible and more manageable with shorter release cycle than the actual.

One of the future plan I like most it's the Partner-led cloud with multi tenant options.
Unfortunately according to the info currently available , this could not be offered to the customers for the EOS date because will be available with Connections 7 scheduled for Q4 2020.

Right now we do no know the migration path offered ad proposed for Connections Cloud customers but I'm sure HCL will provides all the details during next weeks.

At Social Connections 15 it's currently scheduled a session with Andre Hagemeier about the furure of Connecitons Cloud so I'm sure they have plan to unveil about this topic.

I like to use a Danielle Baptiste quote that I totally agree, "the future of Connections is bright"  , we will have something to do (like migrations out of Connections Cloud ) but I'm confident about the future of the platform.

Regarding Smartcloud Notes part things could be a little bit different because there will not be any SAAS offering , so some customers could be attracted from different SAAS vendors.

I think the future of Domino/Notes it's bright too because  development is going fast with new features and functionality , release by release, but I hope HCL will provides facilitation for Partner-led cloud to become this options realistic and attractive for customers.

I like to close this post with the interview made during Factory tour 3 recorded by my Social Connectiosn team mate , Wannes Rams with  Richard Jefts where they talk about interesting topics including Connections cloud, arount minute 7.  Great work Wannes ;-) !

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