Friday, September 27, 2019

HCL Connections 6.0 available for download toghether with Component pack

Like they have promised during Social Connections 15 about CR6 HCL has just released the new CR6 together with the new Component Pack

As usual CR6 include fixex, but also new functionalities , described in the following video:

Now some more resources,   "Administering Connections 6 CR6" where find techincal infos and download links to the new repository ( you needs to have a valid and entitled account on HCL Flexnet system).

Here a what's new page.

HCL has also reported 2 "classic" resource like the  technote that include the step by step PDF guide and also the update strategy page.
The new component pack has a reduced TCO because drops Solr  in favor of Elast search and now it's also possible to have installed the customizer lite in HA. 

Here at this page the Component pack installation guide.

I like to close this post with the new Connections marketing video : People power your business, Connections powers your people". How cool is that ? :-)


  1. Thanks for the post. I am just wondering have you downloaded and extracted the component pack as I have tried this several times and one of the image files for people-idmapping is actually corrupt within the download. Just trying to make sure this isn't just me even though I have downloaded it on different machines and used both Windows and Linux to extract the files with the same result.

  2. Hi Richard, I just tried to check the package and i can confirm the image is corrupted also on my download ! :-( We should try to contact HCL support...

    1. Thanks Matteo, I have raised a support call with them I shall reference that you also had the same problem it may make them re-issue it quicker :) I will keep you informed.

    2. thanks Richard, We have opened a case too, i'm sure they will rebuild the package soon :-) . Have a great weekend

  3. Hi Richard, Hi Matteo,

    I can confirm that the CP File is corrupt. I have already informed Offering Management and hope that it will be fixed soon.

    Best regards

    Martti Garden

  4. Hi All,

    The HCL Support team would like to inform you that there is a refreshed copy of the is available on the HCL Software FlexNet Portal which corrects the file corruption in the previously posted zip file.

    We apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused you.

    Best Regards,
    The HCL Support Team

    1. Thanks for the confirm Paul, fantastic support delivered also on a blog post comment :-) , The HCL Support Team rocks !!! I'll go to download the new package ASAP . Have a great weekend

    2. Thanks Paul and everyone else on here. Its good to know as the support case I have opened still hasn't been answered yet which is a little annoying but as long as I know it has been updated I will go and download it now.

  5. A new version has been uploaded that should work now. :)

  6. I've just run the from the new package and this time was able to finish , thanks again for the quick resolution.