Friday, October 25, 2019

From 0 to DX 9.5 developer hero in 20 minutes with HCL official docker images

HCL with the release of DX 9.5 has build also an official docker image for OpenShift 4.x  .
As I read HCL has in plan to support Kubernetes vanilla and other cloud implementations very soon.

One of the possible way to use this image is use it with docker on your laptop so you could start to develop your DX 9.5 experience from 0 to portal up&running in 20 minutes :-) .

I made my test on my corporate laptop with Windows10 , Hyper-V and docker desktop
If you haven't docker installed yet I suggest you to start from this page..

System Preparation

If you have just installed docker or if you haven't tuned the docker machine I suggest to augment the docker machine resources:

click with right button on docker icon in the sys-tray and than settings

go to advanced section and check the CPU/Memory/Swap /Disk Image Max size

Now if you haven't one already create a working directory to be used as wp_profile mount point and exclude it from your AV setting for performance reasons (at the first run wp_profile will be delated with almost 40k files) and for data integrity.


Unzip the package downloaded from Flexnet (right now it's

First step needed is importing the DX image to your docker image repo

docker load -i .\hcl-dx-core-image-v95_20190928-2258.tar.gz 

after some minutes while docker was importing all layer involved you will get the confirmation message:

Loaded image: hcl/dx/core:v95_20190928-2258 

Now it's time to create the container from the image exposing the port needed and mounting the wp_profile to the local filesystem to guarantee the persistance of the data:

docker run -p 10038:10038 -p 10039:10039 -p 10041:10041 -p 10042:10042 -p 10200:10200 -p 10202:10202 -v C:\docker\dx-store\wp_profile:/opt/HCL/wp_profile hcl/dx/core:v95_20190928-2258

where C:\docker\dx-store\wp_profile  it's my docker data directory.

At the first start some extra time will be required because DX profile will be generated on the path used in the command.

The image does not include HTTP and Plugin so this will be the URL

Url Portal   :       http://localhost:10039/wps/portal   
Url Console :    
Utenza default:  wpsadmin / wpsadmin

if you need to enter into the container
                                               docker exec -it  container_name bash

The image is build using RHEL 8.0  , Portal security it's set to local was and  database it's local Derby.

When an upgraded image will be shipped you will need to repeat the first command to import and create the new container using the existing mounted wp_profile that will be upgraded (if needed) to match the new version.
After the upgrade the old container could be removed.

To close this post some others usefull docker commands

to check active container
docker ps

to check all container
docker ps -a

to rename a container
docker rename container_name new_name

to stop the container 
docker stop container_name

to start the container
docker start container_name

to remove the container
docker rm container_name

to remove a container image
docker rmi nome_immagine 

The official documentation about the DX docker images it's available at this page.

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