Monday, January 20, 2020

HCL Connections , some consideration on last roadmap news and slides from DNUG Connections Day

During the last week DNUG has organized a day dedicated to HCL Connections

Christoph Stoettner wrote a nice and complete post about it  , below I will make a short recap with some consideration .

Where we are now

Connections V 6.5 has been released during December and it's the first release branded HCL. It's a bug fixing of the 6.0 with some important new features like Activity Plus , New invitation apps for external collaboration and a revisited Touchpoint app for on-boarding.

Last important thing the upgrade from previous release has better than ever.

What we have to expect from 2020

A huge number of releases and features will be added during this year !

During the first 3 quarter of 2020 will be released 3 CR with features and INTEGRATION (the bold is correct because emphasis is required..)

6.5 CR1  (Q1) :

  • Mailintegration in CNX Ui
  • HCL Wash
  • Docs
  • CEC
  • Plugins
6.5 CR2  (Q2) :

  • MS Teams
  • New Outlook Integration
  • MS Identity platform
  • Orient Me enhancements + Print PDF
  • Docs CR4
 6.5 CR3 (Q3) :

  • Interactive OM calendar
  • Leap integration
  • Sharepoint integration
  • OneDrive integration
And last release of the year will be V 7.0 (Q4)

  • O365 Integration
  • Intuite UX
  • Robust mail, calendar and chat integration
  • Containerization

The list of features and integrations like this is speaking by them-self , we have NEVER seen a roadmap like this planned to be released in 12 month.

From my point of view the integrations with MS products will be the most important step ahead because will transform Connections to a trasfersal product able to exist and run also in MS centric environment..

With version V 7.0 the containerization will be ultimated and the whole environment will runs inside  Kubernetes.
Some of the classical apps will still run in WAS container and will be migrated to other appservers (like openliberty ? ) in future releases.

I'm really happy to see all the work and the energy HCL is enforcing in a product where I spend most of my working time and passion at night while I work with the rest of the team organizing Let's Connect events.

The future is Bright ! I'm sure 2020 will be a year full of satisfactions !!!!!!!!!!

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