Sunday, August 9, 2020

HCL Connections - some infos about Plug-ins for Windows, MacOS, Notes

HCL Connections has some useful  plug-ins, for Windows, MacOS , Notes and Office that integrate the functionality into OS , Notes and Office menu.

This plug-ins are easy to use and increase the functionality of Connections but unfortunately too often are cause of issues just because the version used and installed in the end-user devices is too old (1 year and more.. )! In this case the issue are fixed running an upgrade witht the last version available, and in my daily routine I've seen too often this situation.

Currently on Connections product ideas portal it's available an idea , related on auto update of the desktop connector.

The idea is in "medium term focus" state that means HCL has express the intent to develop this functionality.

If think like me , that this idea should be implemented , maybe using Microsoft or Apple store, I invite you to express your vote and comment on aha site.

Waiting the auto-update, it's important to NOT forget to update regularly the plugins because important bug-fixes and functionality like OAuth login for Connections MT are implemented and released with the updates.

I like to leave here some usefull link where are available what's new and flexnet link:

HCL has released also KB related named "Collecting Data" (someone remember "must gather" 👀) where are explained the logs and troubleshooting of the connectors to be able to make debug of the issue or collecting logs for the support: 
As closure I've to add currently Notes and Outlook plug-ins are not compatible with Connections MT managed by HCL MSP , but HCL is working on the new releases that should be released later during this year.


  1. And if you want a complete manual on how to use the Notes plugin for Connections, I've created one ->