Tuesday, December 15, 2020

HCL Ambassador: 2021 class announced

 HCL has just announced the Ambassador class 2021 and I'm on the list , thanks !

It will be a pleasure and an honor to be in the family another year with a lot of friends and some new entries , congrats all !!

I need to close this blog post with 2 big special thanks:

  • Factor-y : like every year , we have continued to work on interesting projects that give me the opportunity to grow and a continue reason to study test and play with high level tech (congrats to Daniele Vistalli  for his HCL Ambassador confirm! )
  • Let's connect team :  thanks for the opportunity you gave me to be part of a group of friends and be part of the organization of an awesome user group (congrats to Maria, Jan and Wannes for the confirmation of their HCL Ambassador status for 2021).

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