Tuesday, March 23, 2021

HCL Connections Desktop Plugin logs idea

HCL Connections has a lot of fantastic features, and one of this is the availability of the HCL Desktop plugins that allow the users to work directly with files from their desktop, windows or macOS , without using the browser.

This usually works well, but sometimes there might be issue ,and the only way to trace the issue client side is using the DlTrace.exe that monitor the calls and allow the admin to save and analyze what happens  or also use an external  tool like fiddler for deeper troubleshooting

The issue start when the issue is difficult to be reproduced and the users are supposed to work all day with DlTrace.exe open to be able to collect the logs.

To avoid this issue I've created a feature request to enable the desktop plugin to produce background logs , at least when it needed.

This is the link of the idea:


If you think like me, this could help, please vote the idea so it could be considered to be implemented in a future release. 

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