Monday, September 13, 2021

Webinar : Find Out How HCL Can Support Your Cloud Journey

HCL has organized an interesting webinar scheduled now scheduled for Tue, Sep 14, 2021 4:00 PM with the following points inside the agenda:

1. To cloud or not to cloud: How to overcome the challenges of an ever-changing IT landscape, while maintaining your data privacy, competitive advantage and the continuity of your business. 2. HCL Software’s cloud-native strategy and what it means for our customers using HCL Domino, HCL Sametime, HCL Volt MX, HCL Domino Volt and HCL Connections. 3. Open dialog with Factor-y, Connelink, ISW and Belsoft on how to start your cloud journey with an HCL Digital Solutions’ cloud-hosting master service provider and what lessons have been learned from working with customers.

The inserting fact is there will be a the MSP partner (Factor-y, Belsoft , ISW and Connelink) together with HCL spending an interesting hour talking about how have the best cloud service for HCL Domino v12, HCL Sametime v11.6, and HCL DX CF196 to serve your organization best as possible.

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