Wednesday, March 16, 2022

HCL Connections - March 2022 Desktop Plug-ins for Windows and macOS available

 HCL has just released a new interesting update for HCL Desktop Plug-ins for Windows and macOS.

This is the what's new for Windows:

Version 22.03 (March, 2022) update:  The latest release introduces the following:

  • Prompt to lock when opening files and prompt to unlock when publishing local changes. Behavior can be controlled by preference or administrator policy. Note: this does not apply to sync files.
  • Initial sync performance improvements when processing thousands of files
  • Resolved customer reported problems and bug fixes
    • Improved error messaging when Windows IP stack reports server unavailable error.
    • Windows 11 local draft popup notification has truncated text
    • Preferences panel shows save error after visiting but not changing server preferences for server with OAuth authentication
    • Crash when publishing local draft in community folder
    • Crash in trace utility when trying to save very large trace files
and this is the what's new for macOS:

Version 22.03 (released March, 2022) update:  The latest release:

  • Adds like, pin and follow actions for files and folders
    • Beta, English only - to use, click 'Enable beta features' in preferences
  • Adds clickable link in properties panel to open log file location in Finder
  • Initial sync performance improvements when processing thousands of files
  • Customer reported problems and bug fixes:
    • Improve error message when failing to retrieve file properties
    • Make version text selectable and copyable in About box
    • Intermittent crash in authentication code
Remember guys , it's important to keep updated the desktop plug-ins !!! Unfortunately the plug-ins doesn't have (yet) and auto update system so Admin must take care of the version installed on the client.

Here at this pages you could find the complete what's new , also for previous releases , for Windows , macOS with the flexnet link for the download.

23thMarch update: there is an issue for the windows version on the non EN operating system be sure to have downloaded the updated version, already available on flexnet

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